10 Easy Steps to Start Your Own Blog

blog I have done many stay at home jobs over the years.  I have sold on ebay, have done VA work,  and even did customer service for companies by phone for a while,  but nothing has given me the joy blogging has!  I have truly found what I am passionate about and a way to earn money from home!  I LOVE blogging!  I truly love getting up everyday to do my job and found that I have truly found my sweet spot!

I know I have many mom readers who are interested in blogging and feel overwhelmed in trying to start one up so I wanted to give you a post that includes simple steps how to get started.

10 Easy Steps to Start Your Own Blog:

1 – Find Your Passion!  You have to write in order to blog and you don’t want to have a topic that you are not passionate about!  If you do, you will burn out quick and the content just won’t come!  What is it that you love to talk about?  What do your friends say you are good at or what do they ask your advice for?  These are great ways to find out what you are meant to write about.

2 – Pick your domain name!  This is not always as easy as it sounds.  You may have several ideas in your head but once you check them out, you will find they are taken so it may take a little while to find the perfect name.  Write down many ideas and check to see if they are available.  You can buy a domain at very little cost and once you have the perfect one that is available you will be set!

3. Set up on WordPress.  There are other blogging platforms other than WordPress but to me it’s the best and really the only one I know about!  It is the perfect choice  if you want to earn money with your blogging.  Just make sure you go with WordPress.org, the self hosted one!  They have a WordPress.com and it is free but you are limited with it so do your research to see what is the best fit for you!

4. Pick your hosting!  I have two sites and have been with HostGator for all the years of my blogging career!  It is so important for your blog to have great hosting and I have that with HostGator!  Anytime I have had a problem with my site they have helped me fix it quickly and their support has been amazing!

I love that they have:

  • 24/7 live support via chat, phone, and email – you’re not alone. We’re here to help.  They have always been there when I needed them.
  • One click WordPress installs – no messy downloading and uploading of files.
  • One click and start easy to use website builder – drag and drop tools that make building a site super simple.
  • Design services – don’t want to build your site? Let their pros do it for you.
  • Marketing services (SEO and PPC) – want to generate traffic? Their in house experts want to help.
  • Domains – HostGator is your one-stop-shop for domains!

hostgator 5 – Install WordPress – Just search youtube or google to get step by step directions on how to install WordPress, it isn’t hard at all if you have good directions!

6 – Design Your Blog – You can get some free basic themes from WordPress or buy a theme to get you started.  There are some really reasonable ones out there that look really nice.  If you have the money you can also hire a designer who can make your online space look beautiful!

blog2jpg 7. Write Your First Post – It is now time to write your first post!  Remember to edit your work, you want it to look professional!  Add a nice picture and hit publish!

8. Make an Editorial Calendar – The best way to stay consistent is to have an editorial calendar.  There are planners, plugins, and other organizational tools you can use but at the beginning I suggest you just write down at least a month of ideas down on paper and then schedule them on your calendar.  It helps you make it happen!

9. Work Hard – Blogging is hard work.  To many, it may look easy.  I will tell you it is not!  It is not a get rich quick career but it can be rewarding and you can do well if you put a lot of effort into it!  It can also be lots of fun but make sure you know for sure before starting you are going to work hard at it!

10. Educate Yourself – Always be educating yourself because blogging changes all the time.  Read great books on blogging and business, listen to podcasts, take classes, and attend conferences.  You will learn so much and it will help you get so much better in all you do!

You can sign up with HostGator for 30% off web hosting services here!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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  1. Kristi says

    Great tips.. for that day when I finally get the nerve to sit down and begin my own blog. Some day… 🙂

  2. Pam says

    Lots of good info here. It is always important to find a host company that can fulfill your needs but is still affordable. I have heard good things about Hostgator.

  3. Rosey says

    My MIL was here yesterday and I was telling her how to start a blog. She’s been getting more and more curious about it, I think it would be fun for her to do!

  4. says

    I love blogging also, but I do not use WordPress. I think it’s important to stress that not everyone will make money blogging, many people start thinking there is gold everywhere in the internet hills, and when they find out you will work longer hours for yourself as an entrepreneur than you ever did working for someone else, and whether you like it or not you will do sales, paperwork, have to have some tech savvy or learn it fast they tend to run. It’s a business. It may look fun from afar but at the end of the day it’s definitely a business. This is the side of it that should be discussed more! 🙂
    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly recently posted..10 year anniversary of @TheMakeupShow – highlights from the Blogger Preview with @jvincentmakeup! #‎TMSNYC‬ ‪#‎10YearsofTMS

  5. says

    Great tips! I wish I had something like this when I first started blogging just over 7 years ago.

    @Tracy, I don’t know, I still think I would recommend WordPress. There are very few truly personal blogs anymore, everyone wants to make some money, even if it’s just adsense. But even if you don’t think you want to make money from it, you may on down the road, and from experience, it’s easier and cheaper in the long run to just start off with a self-hosted WordPress blog. Just my .02 cents. 🙂
    Donna recently posted..May’s Totally Awesome $500 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway Ends 6/1

  6. says

    I thought your post was very good. I am on Blogger and although I don’t make a lot of money, I can refer you to SkinnyTaste, which does, using the BLogger format. That being said, you can only talk about what you know, right? Thanks for the post!
    Terri Oliver Steffes recently posted..Thai Turkey Burger

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