5 Tips for Staying Safe Going Back to School

School is starting back and although I homeschool,  homeschoolers often partcipate in many back to school groups with coops, sporting events, and more.  I also have nieces and nephews that are heading back to traditonal school.  Safety is always a concern and anytime mom and dad have to be away from their children there is some concern.  What can we tell our children to help them with safety?

1.  Have them lock up everything that is valuable (it would be great if we could trust everyone around us but we can’t.  Remind them to lock up anything that has value in your locker or other container you may have.

2.  Warn your young children to not wander off far from their classmates and to go places in pairs.  I remember even in high school band members always had to go to the bathroom or where ever in pairs at sporting games so we would be better protected.

3.  Let your kids know to tell an adult if a stranger is watching the them  or someone  is in the school they don’t know.

4.  Give your kids a secret word that only you and them know in case you need to get them a message from someone else, remind them to NEVER Leave with a stranger.

5.  If your students have computers remind them to keep them locked,  make sure the internet is protected with child safety surfing.  Children can find things on the internet that can harm them in so many ways.  Keep them safe!

Most of all have a wonderful school year!

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