5 Ways to Beat Motion Sickness This Summer

motionsickness I love summer time!  This is the time to get out and have some adventure and fun!  There are so many fun things to do including boat rides, amusement parks, and long car drives to fun vacation destinations.  The only problem with that, is if you have motion sickness like I do you can miss out on all the wonderful moments summer brings!

Did you know that Motion sickness is a common condition that affects millions of people – including more than half of women (54%)?  I hate that I fall in that statistic but I do and I have missed out on so many outings because I didn’t want to get sick.  I was thrilled when I was sent Dramamine® Non-Drowsy Naturals to try on one of my summer adventures.  Every year we have a picnic with my father in law’s company that it at a small, local amusement park!  When I was younger I loved riding rides but the older I get the sicker I get so before going I tried a Dramamine® Non-Drowsy Naturals, I love the fact that it doesn’t put you to sleep because really, who wants to take a pill to just sleep?  You can’t enjoy the adventure that way.  I took 2 pills 30 minutes before we got there and I am happy to report that I was able to ride some rides this year and I didn’t get sleepy at all!

Dramamine® Non-Drowsy Naturals is the first non-drowsy natural solution for motion sickness from Dramamine®, the leaders in motion sickness treatment.

• Dramamine® Non9Drowsy Naturals contains the clinically tested ginger dosage required for preventing and treating motion sickness, unlike many other sources of ginger that motion sickness sufferers frequently try, like ginger ale, candies and gums.  I love products that are natural and the fact this uses ginger was huge to me!!

• Dramamine® Non9Drowsy Naturals helps prevent and relieve motion sickness symptoms like nausea and vomiting, which products like antacids and upset stomach relievers do not. And since it’s made from natural ginger, it is safe to use every day you travel.

motionsickness2 5 Ways to Beat Motion Sickness This summer:

1. Don’t read while riding in car – anytime your eyes and head start moving you are more apt to be sick.  Use this time to listen to music or a good audio book, use headphones if you must. 

2. Sit in the front or better yet, drive! – Sitting in the back seat makes me more sick for sure.  If I can sit in the front and look straight ahead I do much better.  Actually when I drive I don’t get sick at all!

3. Take Dramamine® Non-Drowsy Naturals – It is so nice when you can take something that helps with the motion sickness, it be natural and doesn’t put you to sleep.  The new Dramamine® Non-Drowsy Naturals is all of these things!

4. Eat lightly or not at all before going for a ride or doing things with lots of motion – If you are prone to motion sickness the last thing you want to do is get sick with a full belly or sometimes contents in your stomach help make you sick!  If you know ahead of time there will be great movement eat light- protein if possible!

5. Get fresh air – Getting fresh air can help so open your window or use the air conditioner/vent.  There is just something about getting fresh air that makes you feel better!

Don’t miss a moment this summer!

ms3 I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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  1. says

    Good points! some of these I never thought of or knew. Very true about driving and not feeling the motion. I should take this before I go to theme parks. I always feel motion sickness at theme parks.

  2. says

    Oh I have the worst motion sickness. It’s so bad sometimes I can’t even go on a bus or subway! Wish we had drammamene here!

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