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I am one of those gals that think aging can be beautiful!  It is natural and so much wisdom comes from age, however I am not someone who would say someone should NEVER have plastic surgery.  There are deep issues people have with their bodies that often keep them in a bad place, there are things that happen in accidents and with drastic weight loss and so many other things that can come up in life.  I don’t think you should ever say NEVER!   I have a friend and a cousin that were born with a problem (different ones of course) that really hurt their self esteem.  Surgery changed their lives for EVER and they don’t regret it for anything!  I know others who have done it for the wrong reasons and there have been regrets.  It should be a well thought out decision!

Plastic Surgery Services is pleased to announce that board certified plastic surgeon Dr Garazo has been honored as one of “America’s Top Plastic Surgeons” for four consecutive years. He was among a select few to have earned this prestigious recognition by the Consumer Research Council of America and is named in the 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012 editions of the “Guide to America’s Top Surgeons.

Plastic Surgery Services provides a relaxed atmosphere just minutes from the busy metropolitan areas near Hagerstown, Maryland. They have a state-of-the-art, fully certified plastic surgery center at their Maryland location and offer a variety of popular cosmetic procedures.   Dr. Garazo offers complimentary consultations for anyone that is interested in seeing what he can do for you!

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This was a compensated post, all opinions are 100 percent mine!

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    If I had the money, I surely would… not so much for anyone else, more-so to improve my own self confidence. I’d like I need a lift, or implants.

  2. Cristina says

    I definitely would have plastic surgery. I had weight loss surgery 7 years ago, and while I can’t afford plastic reconstructive surgery at this time, I would like to have it in the future.

  3. Tracy Stuhler says

    I think if it was something that would benefit my confidence about myself, i would have platic surgery.

  4. Liberty Boblett says

    Yes, I would have plastic surgery. I know lots of people who have had various things done, and all have been extremely thrilled w/the results!

  5. David A says

    No I can’t imagine I’d have any plastic surgery…. now fix my baldness… I’d probably be for that.

  6. renee walters says

    I have, love it, and would definitely do it again! Thanks so much for the fantastic giveaway and happy New Year!

  7. Elizabeth Drake says

    I wouldn’t, mostly because of everything that can go wrong….and ‘m a pain wuss.

  8. Jacob says

    I general I would not. By that I mean the vanity surgeries because so much can go wrong and you could die as a result. However, if I were ever in an accident and seriously hurt or disfigured I absolutely would have the surgery in order to try to live a normal life

  9. brittney says

    i wouldn’t right now, but i can’t say that there aren’t things i may want to have done as i get older.

  10. Carolyn says

    I am in my 70’s and recently lost a lot of weight, I could sure use a little “uplifting”

  11. edq143 says

    I can’t afford it. If i could i would have lipo to repair giving birth but that would be about it.

  12. Tracy says

    I don’t think I would ever have plastic surgery, but I would use products to keep myself looking young for as long as possible

  13. Nicole Larsen says

    I would absolutely get my nose fixed if I had the finances–hopefully one day–besides that I wouldn’t change a thing 🙂

  14. Julie Wood says

    I have had plastic surgery already. I had a Nose Job or Rhinoplasty. I would love to get some more work done. Maybe someday!

  15. Anastasia says

    I don’t even want to have surgery I NEED, let alone elective surgery 🙂 So no, not for me 🙂

  16. Patrice P. says

    I don’t think that I would ever have plastic surgery, but I may change my mind later on.

  17. Crystal F says

    I honestly can’t say. I would love to have a breast lift but I don’t know if I have the nerve to do it. Thank you!

  18. Katie Contests says

    I would only have cosmetic surgery if I had a disease or injury that was disfiguring!

  19. Chuck says

    Yeah I would like to have plastic surgery once I loose all of my weight if there is any skin that needs to be nipped n tucked

  20. Stacy O says

    I react badly to anesthesia, so I’d only have it if I was injured. Though, I’ve thought about it and my mom wants it (she doesn’t have the anesthesia problem)

  21. jodi frasier says

    I would not have plastic surgery. I am who i am .. That’s the way i look at it. Thanks

  22. Mary Happymommy says

    I might consider liposuction.

    I pinned this giveaway–http://pinterest.com/pin/400046379369842394/

  23. Stephanie A says

    If I needed it because of an accident or medical reason I would be more likely to get plastic surgery.

  24. Denice P says

    I don’t think that I would ever have plastic surgery. But something that is close is sort of in that area is that I would have my sun spots removed some how if I could.

  25. Valencia P says

    Yes, I would definitely have a tummy tuck if I could and I wouldn’t mind a bit of lipo.

  26. Wild Orchid says

    I might consider it if money were no object.

    Entered the rafflecopter form as “Wild Orchid”
    Thanks for the cool giveaway!

    wildorchid985 @ gmail dot com

  27. Carla Bonesteel says

    I would have a TON of plastic surgery, if I could afford it…I would love to look like I’ve always wanted to look…and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that, as long as I can admit it!

  28. Ashley C says

    I hate the idea of surgery, so I can’t imagine electing to get plastic surgery done!


  29. Marthalynn says

    Yes, I totally would! I worked in the field of facial plastic surgery for years and I feel confident that if you pick the right doctor you will be pleased with your results.

  30. Tawnya S says

    I think I will after we have another child. I have been thinking about starting to save up.

  31. Brittany G says

    Absolutely! I wouldn’t change a thing about my face, and would never consider implants, but I would definitely like to have a breast lift and a tummy tuck to remove excess skin after having two sweet babies.

  32. Kelly D says

    Yes, I would consider plastic surgery, but it would have to be something really important to me.

  33. Lauren Domene says

    It’s something where a fine line should be drawn, but essentially, if you can afford it on your own without asking your parents or boyfriend to buy it for you, then do it. It should be totally your decision 100%, and it should make YOU feel pretty, no one else!

    I would do it if I felt I needed it. I’m already getting laser treatments for stretchmarks. If it doesn’t work, I’ll totally try something new because I want it.

  34. RozAnn says

    If I could look so perfect with the good doctors help..yes indeed I would happily give in to some plastic surgery.

  35. Kookie Kookster says

    I’ve given it so much thought but I just can’t stand the thought of someone messing up the work I’d like done hahaa

  36. Heather H says

    I wouldnt say definitely yes…but I am open minded to it and if i had the money to blow it would appeal to me much more

  37. Jeff S says

    Not unless I was in a tragic accident and surgery could help restore my face. We all age and there is something beautiful and unique about that.

  38. Lucy Schwartz says

    I probably would not have plastic surgery unless it was needed after an accident or something like that. Then it would be covered by insurance , otherwise the cost would deter me.

  39. peggy fedison says

    I always said I’d never get plastic surgery, but, I had esophagus cancer and because of the surgery to remove it, I lost 170 lbs. I now weigh 132 lbs. Yes hehehe I was a big lady. Because of all the wgt I’ve lost, I now have HUGE amount of hanging skin. I would be 100 lbs if they removed all this hanging skin. So yes, once I am stronger and physically better, I would love to have it all removed.

  40. Jill Myrick says

    I have considered plastic surgery. But as of yet never had any.


  41. sheri osborne says

    I have had plastic surgery, but it was to fix something a previous surgeon had to done. I have had a full hysterectomy, followed by 10 hernia operations! I do have one more plastic surgery I want to have, but it can wait a few more years!

  42. LAMusing says

    Yes I would if I could afford it. I had a procedure done years ago and have been very happy with it.

  43. Gennie Lancaster says

    Yes I would have plastic surgery. I am very overweight and once I lose all the weight for good I would like to have all the excess skin removed.

  44. Rachel Miller says

    I wouldn’t have plastic surgery…I don’t like to be poked and prodded by doctors 🙂

  45. Amber Warfield says

    I could see myself having something small done like a lifestyle lift when I’m older. I don’t see myself reshaping my nose or getting a tummy tuck…anything really big like that.

  46. micheal dale grim says

    i must be honest,seeing how i am a man ,i have never really considered it at all,there may be a few things wrong with me but thats how god made me!!!

  47. Sarah Z says

    The only “plastic” surgery I want is Lasik for my eyes! I have worn glasses since I was 7, and I hate contacts!

  48. Miz Vickik says

    Most likely not, but I’d consider it in the case of a severe accident or something out of the ordinary as opposed to cosmetic reasons.

  49. Michelle Tucker says

    Only to remove excess skin that I now have from losing weight. It causes some problems having the extra.

  50. kelly nicholson says

    Leave a Comment: Do you think you would ever have plastic surgery?

    waiting for bionics

  51. Sarah Harding says

    No I would never have plastic surgery unless I got onto a freak accident that disfigured me

  52. says

    YES!!! I have want to have breast augmentation for a long time and now that I’m done having babies and the “girls” are all mine again I will be having it done in the very near future while my husband and I can still enjoy the enhanced “girls”!
    Kimberley Meier recently posted..My Buddy is Cancer Free!!

  53. Carolyn Daley says

    Honestly, no. I would rather have the money to afford daily essentials such as groceries. I may not look perfect, but I am happy with who I am.

  54. Vicki D. says

    I would say no. However, if I were to win the lottery, I might reconsider. I’d probably only have my eyelids lifted, though.

  55. Rachel Newman says

    I only would have plastic surgery if I got in an accident and I needed reconstructive surgery.

  56. Jenny says

    I am not sure, I guess I would have to have the extra money to do it in order to put serious thought into it.

  57. sheila k says

    I most likely would not have plastic surgery due to collagen mutation that promotes scarring.

  58. Candie L says

    When I was younger I thought I needed my chest enhanced. Now that I am getting older and have gained a lot of weight, I don’t have that need. thank you

  59. Michelle B says

    I would consider plastic surgery if there was something that I thought really needed to be fixed. But right now, other than for reconstruction purposes, I would not have it done.

  60. Kathleen Hand says

    Maybe if I won the lottery and had no worries for my children’s future, I would have a little help with weight loss but my family’s needs come before my vanity.

  61. Cee Love says

    If I could afford plastic surgery, yes I would get it done. I am dieting and exercising to lose weight and have no problem doing, but if I could get a tummy tuck or liposuction would be a shorter process lol

  62. Natasha Brodsky says

    I was talking about this the other day. Yes. I would like a tummy tuck and a breast lift. Just fixing the things I can’t fix with working out and good diet. The more weight I lose, the worse my hanging skin gets on my tummy. 🙁

  63. Lean S says

    I don’t think I would ever have it. But, unfortunate things can happen in life. Plastic Surgery can surely help after accidents, injuries, various ailments.. etc.

  64. Carole Ingram says

    I would think about it if I could afford it…. problem is, we are in debt up to our eye balls. My first surgery would be boob lift 😛

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