7 Things to Do to Get a Better Nights Sleep

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There is nothing quite like a great night of sleep!  I have never had any issues with staying asleep  except to the occasional incident until recently!  It seems since I hit my 40’s I struggle with staying asleep.  Sometimes I will get up as early as 2 or 3 am and be up for hours and it makes for a miserable morning for sure!  I’m not sure why things changed with me but I do know I don’t like it!

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There are some things you and I can both do to set ourselves up for a better night sleep:

Avoid caffeine (especially at night)

We can so no to tv an hour before bed

We can read a book ( I love to read and if it is at night it can help you get sleepy)

Take a warm bath (put some lavender oils in the bath)

Have a cup of chamomile tea

Listen to soothing music

Don’t hesitate to talk to your doctor about sleeping issues, they could help!

There are times where is seems nothing helps and you feel alone but you don’t have to. I’m so glad to know I don’t suffer alone! Many people have sleep issues like insomnia, narcolepsy, and/or cataplexy,  I was so glad to hear that  National Sleep Foundation has  many resources to help! If you’re suffer from insomnia, their site is full of relaxation activity ideas, testimonials from others who have overcome sleep difficulty, and more.  The National Sleep Foundation can also help you with starting a conversation at your doctors to discuss your sleep issues.  You can find even more resources at sleep.org

Beyond Tired is a wonderful resource if you struggle with insomnia. It has tips and testimonials.

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There is so much great information at The National Sleep Foundation website and if you have sleeping issues you don’t want to miss all it has to offer.

You can also visit the National Sleep Foundation Facebook Page and Twitter for even more information!

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