Giveaway: Seventh Generation Back to School Kit

Most kids have just had their first day of school, even for us homeschoolers many of us are starting our school year, going back to coops and special activities.  Regardless if you are going to a regular school or other places this fall it won’t be long until cold season and as we experienced last year with swine flu germs are everyhere.   Millions of school days are lost each year due to the common cold and flu.  The surfaces at school are covered in bacteria! According to Seventh Generation survey, 82 percent of parents with kids in grades K-5 fret about the germs in their children´s classrooms.  They are everywhere.

I have always loved Dr. Greenes website, his site has helped me understand so many questions I have had about my child’s health.  Seventh Generation and best-selling author and pediatrician, Dr. Alan Greene shared some tips to help parents protect their child´s health during back-to-school season. Dr. Greene suggests taking the following precautions:

* Reap the benefits of probiotics like those found in yogurt. A recent study showed that children who received enough probiotics daily throughout the cold and flu season had a significant reduction in the number of illnesses they had and, when they did get sick, the symptoms were both milder and didn’t last as long.

* Be sure your child is getting plenty of vitamin D from the sun, from food, or from a supplement.

* Build a strong foundation. Good food, good sleep, and good physical activity all help the immune system to flourish.

* Teach children the key times to clean their hands in the classroom. The most important times include after sneezing, coughing or using the restroom, upon leaving “high-risk” places (recess, naptime, play stations) and before meals or snacks.

* Sixty percent of teachers surveyed said that they request that parents donate disinfecting wipes to the classroom. Seventh Generation´s disinfecting wipes kill 99.99% of germs* naturally using the active ingredient thyme, a component of thyme oil which is derived from the herb thyme.

* Stress the importance of not touching their eyes, nose or mouth. Germs are often spread when a person touches something that is contaminated with germs and then touches his or her eyes, nose, or mouth

I received a wonderful Back to School pack containing and a fun backpack, 2 containers of wipes, tissues, paper towels and cleanser. You can donate some or all to your school or like me (homeschooler) put some in your school room.  MyBlogSpark and Seventh Generation would like to give one reader a package for themselves.  Just leave a comment telling me how you fight off germs for your family.  Contest open to US residents and ends Wed September 1st at midnight eastern time.

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The Seventh Generation Product, gift pack, and additional gift pack, have all been provided by Seventh Generationand Nickelodeon through MyBlogSpark.

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