“A Better Pharmacy Experience” with Target Pharmacy {Giveaway 50 e-G/C}

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I LOVE to shop at Target!  There is just something special about this store and I could just walk around it for hours taking everything in.  I love their home decor products and the fact that you can stop in and pick up everything you need in one place.    Lately I have been stopping in to not only get household items but even my groceries.  You can even pick up your medicine right at the Target Pharmacy.  Did you know that J.D. Power ranked Target Pharmacy, “Highest in customer satisfaction among mass merchandiser pharmacies?” At Target Pharmacy, they make feeling better, better.

  • Whether a guest chooses to flip the script in-store, online or on your mobile device, it’s the first step to experiencing a refreshing approach to a pharmacy
  • Target Pharmacy Rewards is simple and valuable. There are no points to count or track and after only 5 prescription fills (yes, vaccinations count too!) our guests receive 5% off a whole day of shopping (in-store and online) on top of our already low prices.
  • Drop off your prescription and shop instead of waiting—they will text you as soon as it’s ready
  • Value: Target Pharmacy offers hundreds of $4 generics and a price match guarantee

I love the feature of your children being able to pick out their own flavors.  I have three children and one of them has a terrible time taking medicine.  I mean TERRIBLE!  My friends can’t even believe it, I know lots of children don’t like it but this is way beyond that.  She will suffer terribly and still refuse, it is SO difficult.  Target Pharmacy helps in this area because you can make almost any prescription or over-the-counter liquid medicine taste better with up to 19 tasty flavors. Target Pharmacy flavorings are not only free of charge, they are sugar free, gluten free, dye free, casein free and non-allergenic. They have been scientifically tested for possible drug interactions, and are safe to use with almost all liquid over-the-counter and prescription medications.  Now what mom doesn’t love this?

Do you use the pharmacy at Target?  If you do what is your favorite perks of the Target Pharmacy?

Giveaway: $50 Target eGift Card to one of my readers.  Open to US residents only.  To enter join the widget below:.

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  1. Sarah L says

    I get my subscriptions through the mail. If I did use their pharmacy, I would like that could continute to shop and then I’d get a text when my prescriptions were ready.
    Thanks for the contest.

  2. Kelly D says

    I don’t use the Target Pharmacy right now, but I will try it this winter. I like the Target rewards so I can save 5% off a future shopping trip.

  3. Stephanie Phelps says

    I do use Target to get my prescriptions and I love that I get rewarded with 5% off a whole day of shopping with five refills!

  4. Lisa Brown says

    i have never used the pharmacy before, shop there monthly; may try it in the future

  5. Rebecca Parsons says

    I like their text alerts when your prescription is ready when you are shopping.

  6. KJ Skib says

    I have never used the Target pharmacy but I wouldn’t be opposed to trying it. I think it would be better if they had a drive up.

  7. Elle says

    I like the rewards program but I don’t use target pharmacy because it’s not conveniently located which is a necessity for medications.

  8. Jessie C. says

    I use pharmacy, my favorite perks of the Target Pharmacy is the 5% shopping reward.

  9. Rita Leonard says

    i don’t use the Target Pharmacy right now since I have a local rite aid that is much closer

  10. Margaret Smith says

    No, I don’t use the pharmacy yet, but I really like the perk of getting 5% towards shopping when you fill your scripts there.

  11. heather s says

    No don’t use a pharmacy but it would be convenient to use Targets while i shop

  12. Karen T Gonyea says

    I don’t use the Target Pharmacy, it’s just not conveniently located for me 🙁 But I love shopping at Target for other things 🙂

  13. Barbara Montag says

    I’m not currently using Target’s Pharmacy.
    It’s farther away than my doctor’s office Pharmacy.
    thank you

  14. Blessie Nelson says

    I like the fact that I can use mobile and cartwheel coupons in their pharmacy!

  15. Tracy Robertson says

    I don’t use the Target Pharmacy because my insurance provider has their own and mails my prescriptions to me. But I know that Target has a lot of $4 generics, which is really awesome, and I like to shop in the Target Store.

  16. Geoff K says

    I haven’t tried Target’s pharmacy yet, but perks like the extra 5% off savings with filled prescriptions would be pretty sweet!

  17. Ann Fantom says

    No, I haven’t used Target Pharmacy yet.

    I like Target pharmacy’s 5% off a day of Target shopping after filling five eligible prescriptions benefit.

  18. Kimmy Ripley says

    I occasionally use the Target pharmacy and I love it because Target is one of my favorite stores to shop at.

  19. Rosie says

    I love the great deal on generics! Also, I like the rewards that I can use for shopping at Target!!

  20. Debbi Wellenstein says

    I have not used Target’s pharmacy, but I need to look into their rewards program.

  21. Cynthia C says

    I haven’t tried the pharmacy but I think the 5% off shopping day reward is great.

  22. Brynn says

    I love that after 5 refills I earn 5% off storewide towards anything! Yayness!

  23. Tina Marie says

    I do use the Target pharmacy for all my meds. My favorite perk is the 5% discount coupon they send in the mail periodically. Thanks for the giveaway!

  24. Denise S says

    I have used them a few times and like the colored lids for different family members.

  25. Terri Egelund says

    I haven’t used Target pharmacy yet but thinking about doing so. Since I love shopping at Target, it would be great to drop off the prescriptions, shop, and pick them up on the way out.

  26. April G says

    I don’t currently use the pharmacy, but I have in the past! I switched to CVS because of location.

  27. joni says

    I have used the pharmacy to ask the pharmacists questions. And they were very helpful.

  28. Kristy Thiel says

    I love using the Target pharmacy. I like that after every 5 refills, you get a 5% discount!

  29. kim says

    I do use the pharmacy, I like that after 5 prescriptions you get a 5% shopping spree

  30. danielle Marie says

    i always use their pharmacy. i love that ic an pay for my groceries there too. one stop shop.

  31. Susan Christy says

    I use the Target Pharmacy because it’s so convenient. I’m at Target A LOT.

  32. Ashley C says

    I don’t currently use target pharmacy, but I love that you can fill prescriptions online!

  33. Amanda Sakovitz says

    ive never used the target pharmacy but i like the 5% off your purchase and the rest of the rewards program they offer

  34. Tory says

    I used to use the Target Pharmacy but changed to CVS because my local staff are rude concerng health questions

  35. Danielle says

    We don’t have a target close enough to use the pharmacy but if one ever sprouts up in our town, I’ll be the first to sign up

  36. Chelsey Jones says

    I have not used the pharmacy, but I’m not on any medications. I really do like the rewards program they have.

  37. Stacey b says

    I don’t use it yet but I like that they offer rewards for using their service. It really adds up when you have monthly prescriptions.

  38. Sarah Hall says

    I have not used the pharmacy yet but it sounds like it would be very convenient to my shopping.

  39. jenn giannetto says

    i do not currently use their pharmacy but i would like to. being able to shop my favorite store while waiting for my prescriptions is a huge perk

  40. tina d reynolds says

    Yes I love it my favorite thing is every five prescriptions I get 5 percent off

  41. Lisa V. says

    I haven’t had a prescription in a long while, but using their pharmacy would make for a one stop shopping.

  42. Dawn Monroe says

    I dont use Target as of now but I think the website is very user friendly and the discounts seem pretty good too.

  43. Amy Lynn says

    I dont use target pharmacy anymore 🙁 I moved and the nearest target pharmacy is almost an hour away!

  44. Merry says

    I havent used the Target pharmacy, but my aunt has and she says the pharmacist is very helpful and always answers her questions so she can understand more about her meds

  45. Nancy says

    We have used Target to fill prescriptions. I like that I have the fun of shopping at Target while my prescription is filled!

  46. Jill Myrick says

    Yes, we use Target’s pharmacy regularly.
    My favorite perk is that I am able to manage all of our prescriptions online.


  47. Christine Treece says

    I love shopping at Target while I wait for my prescription to be filled!


  48. Erica B. says

    We don’t use it but I like that they will text you when your prescription is ready.

  49. Melissa says

    I never used the pharmacy yet, but it would be great to do all my shopping in one trip! 🙂

  50. brandy c says

    I’ve used it before, it’s easy to shop while waiting to pick up your prescription.

  51. Valeen N says

    I have not used the Target Pharmacy, but I have friends that do and they tell me the prices are amazing. Maybe it’s time I switched…

  52. Valeen N says

    I have not used the Target Pharmacy, but I have friends that do and they tell me the prices are amazing. Maybe it’s time I switched…

  53. Jennifer says

    I’ve never used the pharmacy, but I should considering Target is my all-time favorite place to shop.

  54. Connie Tucker says

    No I don’t use Target pharmacy as our ins doesn’t give us that option, have to use mail order

  55. Katie J says

    I have never used the pharmacy but I think it would be very convenient to get everything done in one trip.

  56. Karen Deva says

    My local Target doesn’t have a pharmacy, but if it did, I think I would like the convenience of receiving a text when my prescription was ready to pick up.

  57. Angela P. says

    I love that I can shop while I wait. I love Target. Plus they have great deals on a lot of generics that are even cheaper than my insurance. $4 for a month supply for some! Also the red funky rx bottles are cool looking.

  58. Crystal F says

    I have not used their pharmacy just yet. I know it’s weird but I like that you can get pet meds from them. We’ve had a puppy for a few months now and she been on a good bit of meds already. Thank you!

  59. Rachel F says

    I have not used Target pharmacy but I like that my kids can pick their own flavors.

  60. Jammie says

    We don’t use targets pharmacy, but I do love the rewards you earn. This makes having to pay copays a bit easier.

  61. Karen Drake says

    I don’t use the Target pharmacy because I don’t have one near my home, I would love the rewards program though.

  62. cynthia Painter says

    I have not used the target pharmacy. We just moved and we have a target close by, before it was over a 45 minute drive. I will have to check it out!

  63. jules m. says

    i would love to be able to use target’s pharmacy, unfortunately there is no target close by. the nearest one is an hour away. i keep hoping we will get one closer!

  64. susan smoaks says

    i haven’t ever used the target pharmacy but i will think about it because i shop there all the time.

  65. Stephanie Galbraith says

    Target is my pharmacy. I like that they are cheaper than the other pharmacies.

  66. Lynne Callahan says

    I love Target pharmacy. The pharmacist know me by name, and take excellent care of me and my family. We even go there for our flu Shots.

  67. Betty C says

    I haven’t used the pharmacy as there is not a Target store nearby. I do like the idea of getting prescriptions filled while I am shopping for other things.

  68. brittney says

    I haven’t used it yet, but I’m sure it’s just as great as the rest of the store!

  69. Carissa Joslyn says

    Honestly, I never even knew Target had a Pharmacy… O_O I was just there a little while ago, too. lol But now that I know, I’ll look into it!

  70. Sand says

    I haven’t used the pharmacy yet but I like that they give you a discount for purchases when using the pharmacy!

  71. Beverly Metcalf says

    I don’t use a Target pharmacy now, because there isn’t any near my home, but I would if there was one near me. Thanks for having this contest.

  72. Dawn Keenan says

    I do use our local pharmacy. We are getting a target though, and I am very excited to be able to shop while waiting for prescriptions.


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