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I wanted to write down a normal day for me for the not back to school hop.  First of all let me say right off the bat that no two days are ever EXACTLY alike.  I have sick kids, sometimes I get sick, my husband calls and needs me, or I get side tracked just like anyone can. 

I will say though I have come up with a system that works for me and have worked very hard the last couple of years to be disciplined in this area. 


Because I can’t work from home, homeschool, and do housework plus much more if I don’t.  I have always been pretty good at the homeschool schedule thing but the rest of my life was CRAZY all the time, including a very messy house and work all over the place.  I had to get it together, I just couldn’t live like that anymore.

 So here is a typical schedule of mine.

I try hard to start school by 830, NEVER later then 9am, we do school until 1130 where we break for lunch.  We finish around 1pm.  In the past my younger children have been done by lunch and only my oldest would still need to work after  but this year my others are getting older as well so they may still have some work after lunch at times.  Honestly we do no breaks except for lunch BUT if I had babies or young children we would have to so it is where you are at in life. 

I have a 7th grader, 3rd grader and very mature 2nd grader.  We love the concept of My Fathers World with believing school should be done early enough to allow children to explore, learn music, find their own interest and have free time. 

At 1:00 pm I work.  I work as a virtual assistant to an attorney (who happens to be my brother), I also work on my blog and other things like selling on ebay or whatever I can to make extra money (because trust me, we NEED it) I will be sharing more about making money at home in a separate post.  I work at least 2 hrs, sometimes 3 (my children know and respect this as my work time and find something to do on their own) I don’t mind if they are in the room with me as long as it is quiet activites.

3:00 is time with my kids (we have a pool now so maybe a swim before we have to close it for fall) or playtime with them.  I may also use this time for paying bills or something misc that needs to be done (really try to not if I can)

4:00-6 is housework.  Right now I’m spending a hr doing daily work and 1 hr on a house project like organizing a room or troubled area.  My house is decent but it is never perfect.  I will let dusting go forever but I like the floors to be vacumed a couple of times a week (makes the place feel cleaner)  I want order (it has taken me a long time to get there, and sometimes certain areas still get away from me) but I don’t feel I need the perfect house.  I would rather my kids remember great memories with mom and not that we had a spotless house.  However we need order to function well and they have chorepacks they do everyday to help contribute to that (sharing more on that later)

I also fill workboxes for the next day at this time.

6:00 dinner (my husband loves to cook and usually cooks dinner, I make sure dinner is thawed out  and that the kitchen is clean when he gets home for cooking, I also clean up afterwards) cooking is a big way he blesses me and I don’t take a second of it for granted. 

After that it is family time, bedtime rountines and misc things that have to be done.  I like to grocery shop on the weekends and plan for my week ahead for school on Sundays after church and nap.  I LOVE my Sunday nap.

Fridays are piano lessons, field trips, library or just a laze around day.  I do usually still have to work but no structured school time, we do 4 day weeks.

Sometimes I work again in the evening while watching tv with my hubby.

That is my day in a nutshell, but like I said before it doesn’t always go that smoothly and when I had little ones it NEVER went that smoothly, I’m just now at the point where it works out pretty good! 

To see our first week with what curriculum we use, just click here.

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    Loved reading this post. I am a working/home schooling mom, too, with no two days alike. Yet, we have a semi-routine! 😉 We appreciate the concepts of My Father’s World and Charlotte Mason, too! I couldn’t begin to do all that I do without my husband. He’s a keeper! Thanks for sharing with us! Will be visiting here again to see how y’all are doing.

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    I wish we could get through a couple hours of school with no breaks. Usually it is 30 min to maybe an hour and then we have to have a break. My daughter would have a meltdown…lol! BUT, this year we have started school earlier, around 8:30 or 9:00 so it makes for a shorter school day, which is nice. Looks like you have a good schedule that works for everyone.
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