Allergy Season with Scotties Tissues

I work from home!  I love what I do and I love getting up every morning but the thing that I dread is m allergies which have been worse for me this spring than any other time!  My sniffling can get out of control very quickly and when it does I am so glad when I have Scotties Facial Tissues  on hand!

scotties tissues

Scotties Tissues are known for their kitten-y softness and strength in every single sheet. They even offer a 3-ply tissue and 3-ply with aloe for extra strength and healing. I love that you can pick the tissues with the strength you need!  If you have allergies, cold or flu symptoms, they have kitten-soft Scotties 3-ply with aloe. It has the strength of regular 3-ply with a touch of aloe for added comfort.

Scotties Tissues

Scotties also care about taking care of the environment.  Scotties has a Tree Planting Promise – “We plant three trees for every one we use to produce Scotties products.” Scotties products are made from new wood fibres of trees from J.D. Irving, Limited’s forests. As part of J.D. Irving, Limited’s commitment to responsible forest management, J.D. Irving, Limited plants seedlings every spring and summer to reforest the woodlands. In the past 50+ years, J.D. Irving, Limited has planted over 944 million trees. Since 2001, J.D. Irving’s forests have been certified by The Sustainable Forestry Initiative Inc. (“SFI”).

I love online shopping!  As a busy work at home mom I love when I can just order something in my pj’s and it arrives at my door!  You can still pick up Scotties from your local retailers but now they are  available from Amazon too and I love that!  Just order and they will be delivered right to your door!

I also love that Scotties are a natural alternative to help you cope with allergy season, it is great to have help this allergy season!

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    Thank you so much for sharing your experience .I strongly agree with you .Now a days most of the people fell same problem .Kepp away from dust can safe us .If you live in clean place with fresh air ,we can live in safe .

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