Avoiding Homeschool Burnout!

We are suppose to share some ways to avoid homeschooling burnout.  Some of the things I tell women when I speak or talk with them about avoiding burnout are:

Take a break(even if it only a few days, sometimes it can do wonders, don’t worry about schedules just have some fun reading aloud, playing games or even have some catch up days on housework if it will helpyou refocus)

Plan a field trip, it is amazing what a great museum or outdoor event(weather permiting) will do for your whole family.

Include dad(see if he would be able to do the science experiments or the math instruction), you might be suprised how much he will love being involoved.

Play games(we are about to learn all about the game of Chess for our Rome to Reformation year)the kids can hardly wait, and I will admit I’m a little excited too!  I have my two that are still working on phonics go off and play phonic go fish, or phonic bingo, this adds a little fun to their day.

I’m not a real crafty hands on big projects mom but one fun thing a week brings school alive for you.  It doesn’t have to be fancy, plant a special plant and watch it grow, have some fish and study them, make a lapbook, there is so much out there.  However don’t beat yourself up if your not a real crafty mom, just make sure you fit a little in if you are having burnout, it can give you a lift.

If you have an occasional nice day do some school outside!

Have a week of just extra subjects, you know the fun ones!  Art, music, Chess, these things are so educational and your kids would LOVE it!

Most of all PRAY, pray that God gives you the lift you need and the strength to move foward, remember if HE has called you to homeschool, HE will show you the way.  Make sure that your spending time with HIM, even if it is small increments in your day(the shower, errand time, whatever you can get)  You need HIM!  I always know when I’m lacking personal time with Jesus, I start to complain more, I’m down and have a hard time staying on task. 

Have fun and remember these days will be over in a blink of an eye, cherish every minute you have home with your children!

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