Beautiful Beasties Pet Photography Book {Giveaway}

We love our animals around here and we LOVE to take their picutures.  I think my daughters project life album is almost all HER pets.  Taking pictures of our animals brings us joy and they really are a part of our family!  Many times we wish we could take better pictures of our pets.  They can be a real challenge because they move a LOT, many times we would love to get better action shots such as when we play fetch or take them to the park but don’t know how.  Maybe your even thinking you would love to take professional pictures of animals and don’t know where to begin.  Now there is a beautiful book called Beautiful Beasties, A Creative Guide to Modern Pet Photography by Jamie Pflughoeft that helps you do just that.

This book teaches

*Exposure, composition, and lighting recommendations

*What you should know about how animals communicate

*Help deciding if you should go pro

*Tips on photographing black animals, hyper dogs, and timid cats

*Editing/processing guidance

*Advice on pricing, branding, and marketing your work

This book is beautiful with some amazing pictures of different animals.  If your not interested in pet photography this would still be a great coffee table book to just let people look through.  It is sure to capture any animal lover.  Your children will love it too, mine sure has.  The book retails for 15.48 at Amazon.

Herbie AA_0696

The Pugs in the book are cute, but they don’t compare to my Herbie (ha!)

Giveaway- I have one copy of Beautiful Beasties Pet Photography to give away to one of my readers.  To enter join in the Rafflecopter below.  Open to US and Canadian readers. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Patsy Hagen says

    My biggest problem is I have two Pug Mixes and they are both camera hogs. They are so busy pushing and shoving at each other, I can never get a good picture of them.

  2. Ash says

    One of my cats is a tortie and she never sits still, so she always turns out as a blur on camera. And one of my dogs is terrified of the camera. He slinks off or rolls over whenever he sees it.

  3. Barb K says

    Have to go with the obvious problem pets won’t stay still. Always moving. Have to photograph quickly.

  4. Jennifer Peaslee says

    my biggest challenge is that I always have the best shot and then they move…maybe it’s because there is sometimes a flash from the shot, so they recognize the camera? Sometimes they move their heads and other times they get up and come over to me. anyway, my best shots are usually when they’re sleeping or not paying attention to me, lol


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