Beauty & The Beast 3D


We received tickets to see the premiere of Beauty & the Beast 3D. It comes out in theaters tomorrow and it is a fun movie to go see. The premiere was at a small theater in Ohio in a very charming town. The theater was an experience. It reminded me of my childhood where there were small theaters in town. One small lobby where everyone squeezes in to get their snacks and just a few theater rooms.

It was great to get to see the classic princess film in 3D. The music was great and so was the 3D effects. At the beginning before the movie starts they have Rapunzel gets married short film, it is really funny and and it is also great in 3D.

The only thing I didn’t like was the way they dressed some of the cartoon women in the movie, totally unnecessary for a princess movie for children. It wasn’t Belle, so it wasn’t very many scenes and younger children wouldn’t catch it but it is bothersome, there is NO reason for it. The beauty of modesty is lost and it would have been great to see it in this Disney classic.




Thanks to Disney for providing the tickets for my family to see the movie.

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