Blair Candy

Do you love candy as much as I do?

One of my sweetest memories was going to a store downtown the city where I grew up and going to a small store owned by a wonderful family that sold penny, nickel, and dime candy. The owner would have you pick out everything you wanted and then would put it in a brown paper bag and you left feeling like a millon bucks not being able to wait to dive in to your new treasure!

Blair candy is a company that sells all kinds of candy, including retro candy. My husband LOVES to get retro things so I let him pick out what he wanted and he decided to get one of his childhood memory candy that he used to buy at another small grocery store he loved. The candy is called Zotz and we received a big box full. This candy is hard and sweet and when you get to the middle it fizzes a sour taste ozzes out of it. It comes in cherry, apple, and watermelon. My whole family LOVES them and the great thing with Blair is you can order one box of candy and it last a long time. You get a nice size box.

Times have changed and we don’t see too many stores that have all the special candy anymore but Blair is a place you can get candy you never see any where else. It is an online candy store, how cool is that? You can buy here for special parties or concessions where you need a bulk of candy or you can buy individual with all different prices. This company has been in business for 70 years! Make sure you check them out.

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This candy was received by Blair candy through Family Review Network for purpose of review. All opinions are 100 percent mine

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