Blogging for Business?

I have been blogging for a long time, since 2004.  I have changed platforms, names, and more in the last seven years then I like to admit-even did two blogs for awhile.  Mostly because I have grown and my hearts desires for my blog has changed.  When I first started I just wanted to share a family blog about our homeschooling life and to get support from other homeschoolers.  Then I started reviewing products on my blog WAY before I knew there was such a thing as review blogs.  I actually hosted a meme called Tuesday Review and it was a day to show off any product that you owned that you loved.  Books and curriculum was included. 

However I also love sharing about my faith, and ideas that I use in my family life that have encouraged my real life friends and audiences that I have spoken to at homeschool events.  Angela’s Analysis was a way to bring all of that together.  One of my New Years Goals was to make my blog more professional and business like while also reaching out to my audience to share what God is doing in my life and to encourage others, hopefully sharing my Savior with the world.

I feel very good about the direction that this blog is going, my family lives on a very tight-VERY tight budget.  Truly finances has been one of the toughest issues in our family’s journey.  My husband is not in a field where he makes very much and honestly we have never been about money, we feel we have been called to lead the family life we lead.  A homeschooling lifestyle where I stay home.  We really have only been on one vacation since my kids were little as a family, we have never owned a new car or had new furniture and we own a modest home (my most standards) We are truly okay with that, we see families that have a lot more money then us but are miserable and the longer we live we see how simple is GOOD.  The hardest part is making ends meet with monthly bills and true necessities, especially with gas(hubby has to drive a LOT for work) and grocery prices on the rise.   I love blogging and decided last last year that I would start to make some extra money from it and I’m excited about that. 

So when I found out Amy Bayliss and Lisa Boyd were starting DIY Ministry I was thrilled.  A way to train and help women who want to use their blog for ministry or a business or both, and the GREAT part for 24.95 a year.  This price is AMAZING.  Trust me, I have seen other educational sites and many that don’t offer near what this one does for way more and the fact that these two ladies love the Lord, wow a double blessing!    I can not WAIT to learn and soak in their knowledge.  Make sure you check it out to see all the things offered! 

Amy is offering the first seminar on Embracing Online Media, find out how you can get it free by clicking on the link!

What about you, do you blog for business, ministry or just fun?

DIY Ministry

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  1. Angela says

    Me too! She is awesome! She has taught me so much about blogging just with her blog, I can’t wait to see how much I will learn in her conference and with DIY, so excited!

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