Bringing in the New Year with Redbox!

I love bringing in the New Year with my family! It is a is a wonderful thing, it makes you thankful for all that you have been blessed with throughout the year and excited with all the new year holds. Thanks to redbox we were able to have some friends over for a game night. Our family LOVES redbox and not only do they have 1.00 movies but now have 2.00 video games. We stopped at the redbox in Walmart to pick up five games.

We wanted ones that would be fun for us and our guest, ones you would call party games. We picked up Wii vacation, Price Is Right, Sonic Generations,Wii Dance 3 and Skyrim (role playing game for Dad and Sam) .

We had SO much fun, all the games were great but we especially LOVED Wii dance. We laughed and danced and at one point we had 4 of us dancing, so so fun!!!!!!!!

We also made some great food. Veggie pizza, meatballs, sauerkraut and cookies. We ended up watching the ball drop at midnight and having a toast with our grape juice to our family. It was such a nice time!

XBox 360 Ace Combat was also sent to me!

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon

The Redbox rentals and Video game were sent to me for free by Smiley360, a social media community that connects its members with new products to sample and share.

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