Buckets-O Fun

We received some free stuff from Buckets-O Fun recently to review. This is a really fun company, you have to check out their website to see some really fun things to do for your family or/and for parties. We received some samples of yuk, yes that is right- YUK, sounds fun doesn’t it? Well my kids enjoyed it. All we had to do was pour some water in and mix the mixture they gave us with it and voila we had sticky yuk and snow! It is amazing how much this stuff feels like the real thing-our snow felt just like the snow you would get outside minus the cold temperatures. The samples came with a great booklet to show you how you can have fun with it. Everything from buried treasure to yuck relay. The science activities deal with polymers. This would also be great to use for science experiments. We received snowy, sticky, chunky(takes 24 hrs), and saucy. Here are some pics of our snowy and sticky(which by the way feels like real snot, yes very yucky in deed!)

We had a fun time making this, it was a little hard to get off, you can’t pour out the supply in the sink and it takes a really good wiping off with a paper towel before washing to get it all off. This is messy so if your not into that you wouldn’t like it but it was fun and I think the summer would be great for this because you can put it on slip n slides and much more without worrying it will get on everything.
It cost $16 – $20 per one pound bucket. Larger quanties are also available. You can get free samples at orders@buckets-o-fun.com

As a member of the Homeschool Crew, I was given this product to review. I was not paid for this post. All opinions expressed in this post are mine.
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