Carmex Limited Edition Ultra Hydrating Moisture Plus Lip Balm{Giveaway}

Winter time can be so rough on my skin and my lips.  They get chapped SO easily so I was excited to receive four different kinds of Carmex Limited Edition Ultra Hydrating Moisture Plus Lip Balm.  These are moisturizing lip balms with a sleek dash of style, from our satiny clear gloss to just-right sheer colors that also add Vitamin E, shea butter and sun protection.

I loved the beautiful cases the Carmex came in,  they are slick, stylish and fit easily in my pocket or purse.  I love the fact they don’t look like chapstick, they look too stylish for that!

Each one of the four limited edition designs is meant to represent a different personality trait.

  • FAB – This one is a purple geometric print that is for the girl who likes to be up on the latest trends.
  • ADVENTUROUS – The animal print is for the girl who likes to take a risk and try new things.
  • CHIC – The black and white pattern is both modern and classic.
  • WHIMSICAL – The colorful design is great for the free-spirited girl.

Carmex Limited Edition Ultra Hydrating Moisture Plus Lip Balm:

  • Contains Aloe
  • Has Vitamin E
  • Contains Shea Butter
  • Soft Vanilla Flavor
  • Broad Spectrum SPF 15 Sunscreen
  • Satiny Clear Gloss Finish

I really liked the soft, texture to the Carmex Moisture Plus lip balm.  It has a nice scent and I like the way my lips tingle with it, like they are being medicated but not in a bad way.   I have seen a big improvement in my chap lips since using it and I try to put in on during the day and especially at night before I go to sleep.  It is working!!

These would make great stocking stuffers or present toppers!

You can Connect with Carmex at:

You can buy these Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Dollar General and other stores across the U.S.  They retail for 2.99

Giveaway:  I have a four pack of Carmex Limited Edition Ultra Hydrating Moisture Plus Lip Balms for giveaway.  To enter join the widget below:

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  1. Nichole H. says

    Received a Carmex pack as a teacher gift a couple years ago. Before them I had never tried it. Worked!

  2. Linda says

    Yes I would love this seeing my lips are cracking and chapping as we speak! I also put it on before bed because they seem to get do dried out.

  3. Julie says

    this is what I got when I clicked on the entry form:This domain name has expired no entry form showed up

  4. Melissa Nagy says

    Definitely! Every winter my lips get dry and cracked and I am always looking for my chapstick since my kids need it as often as I do.


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