10 New Traditions to Start for the Holidays

I love traditions and I love to come up with new ones for my family!  There is just something wonderful about traditions that cause your family to connect on a deeper level.   Creating traditions with your children is intentional parenting at its best! In today’s world we have become so tech focused as I have […]

Why I Love Christmas Town

I LOVE history, I always have.  I especially love biblical history, I find it fascinating and exciting.  I love to imagine what it would have been like to live when Jesus was here on earth.  I would love to go to the Holy Land someday! We are very blessed to live near the Creation Museum from […]

31 Days of Fall Frugal Fun

A couple of years ago I did a 31 day series, I was so excited because The Nester actually featured it on one of her post talking about Fall.  I wanted you to be able to have all the post in one spot so you could find what you need so here is the list!  […]

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