Chalkboard Dogs {Review}

We are animal lovers here and we have two dogs and 1 cat.  They are truly part of the family and we couldn’t imagine life without some furry creatures running around.  They provide companionship, protection, and love!  When you are an animal lover there is just something really fun about buying products that showcase the breed of the animal you have

Steadfast Friends offers silhouette chalkboard dogs, iPhone cases, temporary tattoos and more to show your love for your favorite breed.  The silhouette chalkboards look great with your favorite messages, artwork, or to do lists!


Because we have a pug, we picked a pug chalkboard.

  • The ChalkboardDogs! are large enough for lots of space to write and draw.  The size varies between breeds due to the orientation of the silhouette, but on average, ChalkboardDogs! are 22″ long and anywhere from 15″ to 30″ high.
  • The material used for ChalkboardDogs! ™ is an eco friendly chalkboard film coated with a repositionable, removable adhesive. The grainy texture, slate gray film provides an exceptional finish for writing or drawing with chalk or Chalk Ink®. It wipes clean with an eraser, damp cloth or sponge.

The chalkboard dog retails for 29.95 (I have a coupon below to use) where you get 20 percent off.   It was very easy to peel off and stick (I really thought it would be difficult to work with and want to twist up but it didn’t.)  You can write messages on to family, recipes, grocery lists and more!   I found that the chalk ink and regular chalk erases very well on these.   Our Chalkboard Dog is on the side of the fridge and we had a 4th of July party so we wrote Happy 4th to everyone.   This came in a tube for shipping and set up fast and easy.  We have received several compliments on it, everyone coming over loves it!  This would make a great gift for the pet owner in your life!


You can even buy special Chalk Ink but you can use your own chalk also for it!  Simply shake, push and write!

Chalk Ink

Every time you purchase something from their website they will donate 10% of your purchase price to one of our Charity Partners, and importantly, they are going to let you choose which charity gets the donation.

Steadfast Friends is offering readers a 20% discount on your entire order at simply by entering “steadfast20%” at checkout!

You can find them on facebook

Thanks to Steadfast Friends for providing the chalkboard free for review.  All opinions are 100 percent mine!

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