Christmas Crafting

I LOVE Christmas and everything about it.  I really try hard to make the Christmas season memorable for my family.  I have planned an activity every other day in December for us to do some activity related to Christmas(sometimes because of the schedule there are two in a row).  The first day of December we decorated the house, the 3rd day we watched a Christmas Movie (I will be sharing our favorites in a future post), the 4th my children went with their uncle to Festival of Lights at the Cincinnati Zoo, and yesterday a great friend from church came over to make Christmas ornaments with my kids and I.  She is so gifted in crafting so it was such a treat to have her here, she is also a believer and I thought as I was watching them around the table-it is so nice to have people that love Jesus so much pouring into my children’s lives (I feel so blessed in this area) such wonderful friends  that share their gifts and talents with us.   We had such a wonderful time together playing my Pandora Christmas music and baking some cookies in the oven to share.  It was our school day yesterday so you can imagine how excited my kids were to have to do Christmas ornaments for School! Check out Brenda’s Blog for more Holiday Bliss!

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