Chupa Chups App Review

I love educational apps for my kids.  They make wonderful educational tools for homeschooling too and when you can make learning fun, to me that is a win win for everyone.  We were asked to try the game Give a Dam free for  iPhone or ipad by Chupa Chups.

In this dam building game, save the Chupa Chups flavors in Give A Dam by guiding them down an extremely dangerous river! One wrong step in this great touch physics game and the flavors will submerge in the deep end of a waterfall. Only you have the power to help the campers sink or swim! When I first started this, all my guys were falling off into the waterfall very qickly but after a few tries and getting the hang of it I was keeping it steady.  My oldest son (13) was a natural, of course!  Kids are such naturals at this game.  I love games like this where they think they are ONLY playing a game but they are really learning.  This one has some great physic lessons.

Chupa Chups, it is a lollipop company that was founded in Spain in 1958 that live by this “Life Less Serious” philosophy.

The Give A Dam game  has 120 different levels that you can unlock. Some added features are:

Specially animated Chupa Chups flavors with long rotating limbs!
Challenge your creativity as you help flavors to keep afloat in a million
possible ways! 
Nice brain teaser with hours of fun!
With no definite way of solving each challenge you can test your skills by tweaking, exploring and replay levels!
Be rewarded with lollipop sticks to complete the whole dam so that the
flavors can swim freely!
Kid friendly and enjoyable for adults as well. 
Very cool and funny music that was specially composed to accompany
the game.
Free updates!
Available on IOS iphone, ipod touch and ipad.
Game is available for free on the Appstore with some locked levels that could be unlocked by sharing the game on facebook, writing a review and by simply liking the fanpage.

Honestly, I’m not much for the name of the game.  I totally get the wording and why the creators did it but I could do without it, there is no reason to have the kids saying the name that really could mean something else I wouldn’t want them saying.  That is the only thing I didn’t care for, it really is a fun, educational game that your family would enjoy and for free, who can beat that?

Check it out on iTunes for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. It’s FREE! Visit their Facebook page for updates!  They want to hear from you, on the FB fan page you can even let the developers know if you like it and what you would do different.  You can even unlock special features, and MORE on their page!

I received compensation for writing this post. All opinions are 100 percent mine!
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