I wanted to share some of the blessings I had at the Homeschool Convention this past weekend but before I do I wanted to share my thoughts on convention:

 I will be honest; my heart was very heavy about attending because of all the things that went down with the convention canceling Ken Ham.  However we had tickets and babysitters and one of our sitters had even taken off work so we decided to go.  I will say that my husband and I have decided NOT to go back to another one of their events in the future unless they make this right with Ken Ham. This will mean a longer drive and a hotel stay at a different convention (unlike this one where we can stay home) but it is worth that to us.  

 Some things are worth the cost, if we never take a stand on anything and our children never see us take a true stand for what we believe then what is our faith?   This is not a view I want to push on others at all but it is what we feel like we need to do.    After reading all information given I truly feel this was not handled in a Biblical way at all, although I HATE and I mean really hate to get all wrapped up in online controversies, I stay away from them like the plague.  There is a time that believers have to take a stand, especially in today’s times.  A time where we have to say NO, that went too far and for my family this issue did just that. 

 We are members of the Creation Museum and we support raising our children with a biblical worldview, I realize that not every believer believes in a young earth, I understand that but this issue had nothing to do with that. 

 You can read all the details in many places and this blog post will not cover that but I didn’t want to talk about my convention time without mentioning how I do feel about it.   Honestly I even hate to do that in a blog post, but I’m not ashamed how I feel about it.  It deeply affected me and I won’t pretend it didn’t.

Now for the blessings:  I just kept praying God would give us peace about being there and although it wasn’t the same we did take some great ideas away with us.

I am excited about starting a couple of new things for my kids next year and I was able to hear speaking from Excellence and Writing and All About Spelling.  I can’t wait to share these great resources with my kids. 

After reviewing phonetic spelling this year with the TOS Crew, I knew I had to know more about the writing, honestly at first I wasn’t interested, it seemed like it would be too much but after a friend’s nudging and my review of their spelling I knew I had to look into it.  The mom I heard speak about it did the program with all of her children and now she has a journalist major and a boy who HATED writing is an excellent writer.  She taught this in a coop setting and the thing I loved most was the kids LOVED it!  That is what I see in the spelling program, it is actually more work for my son but he loves the program and truly feels like he is learning spelling the right way.  He is very proud of his accomplishments in it.  Andrew Pudewa is an EXCELLENT teacher, I’m excited about doing this program too, and it will teach me so much about writing.  The one thing I was concerned about was it wouldn’t allow the kids to be creative but it only gives them the tools, it doesn’t stifle the creativity.  Honestly after seeing how it works I think it brings the creativity out in them, sometimes even more then they thought they had at times.  There will be more papers to write in high school and if my oldest decides on college I feel he will really need to be able to write and this program will prepare him well.  He will be in 7th grade next year (I can’t believe I will have a middle schooler)


I was able to hear Marie Ripple talk about All about Spelling which by the way Andrew Pudewa recommends for younger children.  I will have a 2nd and 3rd grader next year (my 3rd grader has learning difficulties).  I got so teary eyed when she was talking about her child that the doctors said would never read or spell, I know what it is like to have a child that struggles to understand(not on the same level as her but still struggles) and truly felt like after hearing her speak this program would help us a lot.  It covers all the ways a kid learns, auditory, kinesthetic and visual.  I just know this will help us, probably not just in spelling but in reading too!

We also hear Doug Phillips with Vision Forum who reminded us some wonderful tips for quality family time, and to NOT be taking our time for granted, it will be gone so quickly and the importance of Biblical teaching in our children.  My husband and I were very blessed by him!

We are very excited to see what the next year holds; I know I will be posting all of our curriculum plans soon for the 2011-2012 year!

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  1. says

    Ya, we love AAS and Marie is the nicest lady! IEW has turned out to be a blessing-and I am glad I made that review team. I was going to try to go to the convention, but something was nagging my spirit and I decided that we couldn’t justify the expense-so we chose to go to our local state convention—and I am glad I did decide to forgo it. I too, do not like all the stuff that was flying around that whole thing. I believe all parties involved should have held their tongues in some sitzies and kept a lot of it out of the public because it seems to be something that could have been dealt with the parties involved…what a shame-terrible shame to have it blow up and become what it did. Seems there are a lot of politics involved and it just puts a dark spot on the HS community as a whole. Ugh.

    Glad you were able to find some goodies-you made some excellent choices! I dunno if you workbox with the kids-but I made a couple workbox forms that tells you what you need to have to do each lesson-so you don’t have to hunt for it all, but can have it ready to go. I have that up on my scribd pages-you can find the link on my blog.

    Take care-
    Sheri recently posted..Please help build this precious girls funds-Joanie

  2. Patty Haubner says

    We love Doug Phillips. We didn’t see him this year, but went to many of his talks last year. very inspirational!

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