Cooking Healthy With Your Children

Are you looking for ways to encourage your kids in eating more healthy?  If so you have to check out these great videos from weight watchers.  Now don’t feel like your kids or you have to be on a diet to enjoy these videos.  They are really neat and encourage healthy eating.  I am really enjoying them!  This resource is fun and free, you do not have to be a ww member for access.  They talk about staying away from processed food, and I LOVE the chocolate video, so I’m posting it-we have learned that dark chocolate can actually be good for you and that is what I love about these videos.  They show you true healthy options that are still good and fun for kids. 

Weight Watcher Online Launches Web Series “Cooking With Kids”

Every parent knows how important it is to teach their kids to eat right and lead healthy lives. As you know, it’s not always easy. Weight Watchers Online launched its first-ever online “Cooking With Kids” video series (, which brings to life teachable moments to help kids value fresh and healthy foods to instill good eating habits at an early age.  

The videos go beyond cooking with your little ones in the kitchen. The kids actually get to see first-hand where the food is harvested, and learn the culture behind the food, helping to further educate them on the difference between fresh food and processed food. 

With the help of renowned chef Lidia Bastianich and chocolatier Jacques Torres, real kids go behind-the-scenes to learn the art of selecting fresh foods at the market and preparing them in nutritious, tasty foods.  From homemade pasta to roasting cocoa beans for chocolate, kids get hands-on experience and learn the value of healthful eating and essential lessons about moderation and good ingredient choices. 

Check out the family video series “Cooking with Kids” at the following link:

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