Creative Gifts for your Home Stylist Friend

If you have a bosom buddy with a penchant for interior design, it can be somewhat tricky to find them the ultimate gift. It’s likely they’re a perfectionist, with immaculate taste and pure, distilled elegance running through the veins of their impeccably groomed fingertips. Now is not the time for a pair of handerpants (underpants for hands!) or a lime green stuffed bunny. You need to find them something sophisticated, stylish and fitting. Read on for a guide to pairing the present to the person, whatever their style.

For a studious stylist

This sort is reasonably easy to identify, they’re usually bent in two over the latest copy of something published by Taschen, frameless glasses slipping precariously off the end of their nose. Any recent book on interior design is a very safe bet, but it must be beautifully presented to merit adornment of their ultra-expensive monochrome tiered coffee table. You can also buy them a Pantone mug, which will duly be filled with fragrant herbal tea and grasped throughout serene Sunday morning perusal of said coffee-table tomes.

For a vintage designer

Vintage types tend to look like they’ve just stepped off the set ofMad Men can usually be found sifting through second hand stores and flea markets like discerning narwhals on the hunt for squid. You’ll need to get them something unique, for one-of-a-kind pieces are like oxygen to the vintage friend. Forget spending hours charity shopping: you’re more likely to get mildly depressed than get lucky with retro treasure. Instead, look online: from soda streams to stylophones, most modern gift sites are chock-full of retro paraphernalia enjoying its digital-age renaissance.

For the nouveau chic

You know the sort: they have a pair of stag’s antlers lathered in purple glitter above their mantelpiece, an upside-down bookshelf and a dining-table-fish-tank hybrid full of random coins. For the interior designer who is so blasé with their style it’s painful, you need an attention-grabbing, statement piece. Hand-painted porcelain with quirky animals on is always a good bet, or if you have a bit of budget, a pipework coatrack, wonky taxidermy or an unexpected plastic animal head to hang on the wall (forget stags, it’s all about green plastic rhinos,daaahling) should do the trick.

Remember: there’s no accounting for taste, so put your personal preferences to one side when eyeing up potential gifts and put yourself in your friend’s shoes. And if all else fails, there’s nothing like a bottle of wine for a backup plan.

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