Creative Husband

Look what my husband made for us one night, a clean/dirty sign for the dishwasher. He was tired of the kids not knowing when the dishwasher had been run yet. I know you can buy these things but I think he did a pretty good job making one.
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  1. mom says

    Sweet idea!

    My kids are assigned days of kitchen work and if the dishwasher person hasn't put their dishes away by 9 AM the following person, they are stuck with the next person's day. Yup, works pretty effectively around here *wink*

    Tammy ~@~

  2. Flo says

    I've always thought about making a sign for our dishwasher. Sometimes I even forget if the dishes in there are clean or dirty (unloading them right away would help, right?). Kudos to your hubby.

    And it looks like we have the same dishwasher. Is yours so loud that it wakes people out of their sleep as well?!??

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