Day 7: Crock Pot Cooking

I don’t know about you but I love food in the crock pot this time of year.  There is something about the wonderful smells and the warm food that makes me feel cozy and homey.  There are so many great crock pot recipes out there, anything from soups to casseroles to roast with veggies.  Crock pot meals are also great to put together as a family.  Kids can take turns putting in ingredients and the older children can help stir on a regular basis.  Then have them set the table for a great warm meal that has been heating the house and cooking all day.

Cooking together is a GREAT way to bond with your children!  Here is one of my favorite recipes for the crock pot

Some great places to look for slow cooker meals are Fix it and Forget it cook book Fix-It and Forget-It Cookbook: 700 Great Slow Cooker Recipes (Fix-It and Forget-It Series)

& Crockpot girls blog.

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