Customize Your Own Motorola Moto X Phone with Moto Maker



I had so much fun designing the new phone from Motorola Moto X Phone!  You can go right to the MotoMaker website and create it online to be exactly the way you want it!  You can design everything from the colors to the wallpaper.  You can even customize it with a greeting and an engraving!

The Motorola Moto X Phone would make a great New Years Gift to help keep you organized and in touch with all the ones you love!  This would also make a great gift for a loved one!  You can let them go right to the website and customize it exactly how they like it!


I picked a dark red with a matching case and black front!  I love my wallpaper, it is an old classic diner and I love how it looks with the diner look!


Some wonderful features of the phone:


  • Moto X, Motorola’s fully customizable smartphone, offers the ultimate in custom gifting – either for yourself or a loved one. It’s the perfect gift for that special someone because it can be designed to reflect their personal style.
  • is the online studio where you can design your Moto X. There are thousands of ways to make Moto X unique to you or anyone on your list. You choose the colors, leather or wood and decide all the details: front, back, accents, memory storage, wallpapers, even add a name or a short message that is laser engraved on the back
  • Leather backs are available in Black, Cognac, Navy and Natural and are sourced from Horween
  • The new Moto X raises the bar in design with a perfectly-sized 5.2-inch HD display and a curved frame that fits comfortably into your hand
  • It lets you do more using only your voice, working with favorite apps like Facebook, Twitter, Google Play Music and Pandora. It’s aware of where you are–in the car, in a meeting or going to sleep–and adjusts to your preferences accordingly.
  • You can even name it whatever you want and ask it questions “Wake up, Shirley… what’s the weather?”
  • The camera makes sure you capture every can’t-miss moment, even at the most dimly lit holiday / New Year’s Eve parties:
  • The Best Shot feature takes several photos before and after you snap the picture and identifies your optimal shot.
  • It even knows if you’ve taken several pictures at a party or on vacation, and will organize them into a highlight reel with options for music and special effects

See my finished product!  I love the way it turned out!





mot custom The new Moto X is everything you want in a premium smartphone without the premium price. It is available for $99 with a two-year contract and $499 without a contract. Add $25 for the wood or leather backs.  Now go make your own phone at the MotoMaker website HERE

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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