Day 12: Taking a Fall Drive

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This one is really frugal, well with gas prices maybe not.  But even with those I think you can do this pretty cheap.  Take a fall drive together.   Get the whole family together and take a beautiful country drive.  Think about the prettiest scenery you can think of  in your area and head there.  The leaves are changing and it is a great time to point out God’s Glory and Creation. 

When I see fall I am reminded that God is NOT boring, he could have created everything the same, year round but he gave us beautiful seasons to enjoy (at least in my part of the country) To make the trip a little more exciting for the kids stop and get an ice cream or special treat, it helps liven things up a bit!

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  1. says

    Great post! My post from last night is things I do in the fall season and my next is going to be the fall crafts I’ve done with my son so far. I LOVE FALL! So beautiful!
    Amanda recently posted..Fall Favorites

  2. DH says

    wish you were here in PA with me, I’ve been driving through some very beautiful countryside. Small towns with old fashioned “General Stores”.


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