Day 13: What is Your Favorite Hobby?

Fall time is a GREAT time for hobbies.  For me it is scrabooking, there is something about the cool air that makes me want to be indoors working on my pictures and albums.  I hear that craft stores are very busy at this time, not just because of the holidays either but because people like to craft and create things in the fall time.

  Maybe you like to quilt, scrapbook, or get an early start on homemade Christmas gifts.  This is a wonderful activity to involve your children in, they love to work with mom on crafts, and hobbies.  If they are really young you may have to put out some things that are toddler safe but it will be worth it to have that time with them.  It is also one of those activities that can help you connect with your kids with fun conversation!

What are your favorite hobbies and do you like to do them in the fall?

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