Day 18: Fun with Apples

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There is something about apples that reminds us of fall.  Maybe it is because it is popular time to visit an apple orchard or to bob for apples or even to make a warm apple pie.  These are all wonderful things you can do with your children that would make for a great fall activity. 

Going to an apple orchard can be educational as well as fun-you can learn all about how they grow them and enjoy time together picking them off the trees together. 

You can set up a bucket for family night or fall party to bob for apples.  Kids LOVE this!  Well, so do adults!

Baking a good hot apple pie can be a fun thing to do together too!  If you don’t bake homemade or don’t feel you have the skill use a prepackaged dough or just buy a frozen one and bake.  It may not quite be the same but it is still a fun way to connect with your kids. 

Let perfection go and just make a memory however you have to do it!

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