Day 8: Taking a Nature Walk

Wow, is it day 7 already?  I can’t believe it has been a week. 

A great fall activity to do as a family is take a nature walk.  The beauty of  walking in the fall is the BEAUTY itself, the leaves are changing and the trees can be breathtaking!  Another great thing about walking in the fall is the weather, cool temperatures make it a nice walk!  Hiking or taking a walk around a lake in your local park or city can be a relaxing time for you to bond with your kids as you enjoy all that God created.  You can find acorns, special fall flowers, and see animals running around in the woods.  Deer is a common thing to see if you are in a wooded area. 

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If you are a homeschooler and love Charlotte Mason’s style of education this would be a great thing to take your nature notebook along to so you can capture drawings and leaf samples.  Again, Fun, and Free!

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  1. says

    Nature walks are wonderful and full of exploration!

    Today we are headed to the apple orchard and I’m having the kiddos bring their nature notebooks. Fun times!

    Another great idea would be to take them to the local petting farm (if there’s one in the area). We are doing that in a couple of weeks, too! Wonderful fall family fun! 🙂
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