Decorating with Christmas lights

During the holidays we can see many houses lit up like Christmas trees. Many communities are very proud of their festive spirit and encourage all the neighbors to participate. Some people may be scared of the electrical bill but with the invention of LED Christmas lights that is not a big concern anymore, as they can be quite economical.  Colorful light displays are not just meant for the holiday season, you can use lights to brighten up any occasion, and here are some ideas below.

Wedding: LED Christmas lights on multi-colored rope lights are a fun idea for wedding reception. Whether it is an outdoor or indoor reception they can illuminate the dance floor or a head table in the evening for that magical look.

Backyards: Many times you can see Christmas lights used as backyard decoration on shows on networks such as HGTV. There are so many ideas when it some to decorating your backyard. If you are not sure where to start check this site. These will make your backyard BBQ stand out a lot better than tiki torches

Water sports: There is something extra special about being in or on the water after dusk. You can make it much more fun by stringing lights around your pool as you for the night dip or you can decorate your boat with lights to illuminate it nicely as you embark or a night voyage.

Use them indoors: Many do it yourselves type of peoples will use Christmas lights, especially rope lights in their indoor decorating. The ideas here are endless. You could hang them behind curtains to illuminate the windows, string them along large mirrors, or use them to accent specific objects. While you can choose what colors work best in your home, white lights may have a universal appeal for indoor decorating.

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