Diamonius Simulated Diamond Ring {Review}

There are so many reasons you may need or want a Simulated Diamond Ring!

*Maybe you lost your original ring or stone: I had a friend many years ago lose her diamond out of her ring, her family just couldn’t afford the expense of a new one so they used a fake stone.  She hopes to replace it someday but honestly you would never know.

*Maybe you are getting married but are still at the stage where money is tight and you just can’t afford a real one but you don’t want to sacrifice the beauty of one.

*You may travel and feel wearing your expensive jewelry is risky

If you are looking for a nicely made ring of quality and beauty you need to check out the rings at Diamonius   I received a beautiful ring to review from them called the Liv Ring.


This stunning rings is everything you are looking for! With glamorous high quality 14K gold plating, this ring is nothing less than opulent! This ring is masterfully crafted with perfect flawless diamond replicas that are comparable to perfect mined diamonds that cost thousands more. Our diamond replicas do not have any flaws and are colorless, something that is very rare in mined diamonds. Having anything less then perfect is not an option for us and it shouldn’t be for you either.

This pic includes my wedding band with it, I think they look really nice together.



I really love this ring, it is gorgeous!  I think it looks beautiful on my hand and you would never know it  wasn’t real.  The simulated diamonds just pop and glisten and the gold plating shines perfectly.  I think this ring would go perfectly with just a simple gold of band or a band like mine with a few diamonds.  You could have many options with this ring.  Their website has MANY different styles and gold plating and the silver and platinum look so make sure you check them all out!  You will surely find something that goes with your other rings or you can even pick out a pair to put together.

To find out more about Diamonius please visit their website. 

I was provided this ring free to review. All opinions are 100 percent  my own.

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