Don’t Spend Your Life on the Sidelines

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I never struggled with knee pain until  the last couple of years!  I remember hearing people talk about knee pain and feeling like that only elderly people struggled with that, and although I am now in my early 40’s I am far from elderly.  The truth is knee pain can happen to anyone for a variety of reasons.

One of the hardest things about having knee pain is how it limits you in doing the things you love!  I love to swim and to just get up on the pool deck with the stairs was difficult.  I also live in a split level home so again the steps can be brutal when my knee pain acts up!  Everything you do when you are active involves your knees.  Hiking, walking, swimming, and almost every kind of exercise can be limited or even stopped when you knees hurt!  It really can effect your day to day living and make you pause your life!

My husband also suffers and two summers ago we went on a family vacation and it was so difficult for him.  It broke my heart that he couldn’t keep up with my teens and I walking and he had to take so many breaks.  This was hard for him as a father because he hated to not be able to be active with his kids!  Knee pain often robs you of so much!

It is very hard when you are suffering in pain with your hip or knee to feel stuck or like your life is on pause!  Some days you don’t even realize how much less you are doing and all that you are missing out on until some fun opportunity comes up like a family vacation or a chance to see or do something great!

You start to think “it is no big deal sitting out this time” or “I will catch it next year or later”  and before you know it living life at its fullest is passing you by!

You can visit the Hit Play website at to find a  physician in your area who can talk to you about potential solutions for your hip or knee pain.

Shoot of a beautiful woman making stretching exercises in the beach

Don’t spend your life on the sidelines – “Hit Play” on your life and rejoin your family and friends in the things you love.

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