DreamTagTell Journal App {Review}

<img src="image.gif" alt="dreamtagtell app review/> Did you know on average we spend 2 hours a night dreaming and usually they are forgotten or dismissed?

Do you ever dream something and you remember every detail or at least some of it and then by the end of the day, you have forgotten?   I do this all the time, and it drives me crazy!   Sometimes if the dream is really bad, I will wake my husband or run to kids room checking on them.  There are some dreams that feel so real and have your heart racing when you wake up!    I often get up and pray (some bother me so badly)  Sometimes you just need to vent and share the dream with someone.  I often do this to my husband, especially if it is a bad one.

Of course there are times you want to remember a good dream the next day.  Your mind is hazy with the details but you can recall parts of you and you knew it was good.  Or you remember part of it!  Some people keep journals to help them remember, now there is an app that can help you too!

DreamTagTell Journal App is the only dream journal app that lets you login with Facebook to include any friends encountered in your dreams. Keep dreams private or share, you choose. Complete with dream interpretation as you type, dream overviews and a unique matching feature which lets you know if you and a friend dreamed of each other!

Here are some great features:

  • Dream journal – Enter multiple dreams per night
  • Built-in, searchable dream dictionary by a renowned British dream expert
  • Dictionary Tags: As you type, any words featured in the dream dictionary are identified as dream tags – View the interpretation – Review dream frequency
  • Custom Tags: Create custom tags for non-dictionary words/people/places – Review dream frequency
  • Friend Tags: Create friend tags by including Facebook friends – Option to share the dream with them
  • Various overviews to review dream patterns and trends
  • Notification if you and a tagged friend dreamed of each other
  • We are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy
  • Available on iOS6 & iOS7 for iPad & iPhone.


There are so many things you can use this DreamTagTell journal app for:

Date Nights:  Share with your spouse or date about specific dreams (great for conversation or ice breaker games)

Table Conversation at dinner

For your own Personal Journal

Blogging topics (if you are a blogger)  You never know when a dream can inspire something!

Specific thing to pray about (I pray about dreams all the time)

Use it for sharing dreams with relatives (especially the ones in the dreams)  Hopefully only good ones there:)

screen-my-dreams You can download this DreamTagTell app  from iTunes for $1.99. It  is currently available for both iPhone and iPad.

How do you keep track of your dreams or do you?

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