Election Night with Your Kids

I know many of you are probably ready for this election to be OVER! I hear you!! All the commericial, phone calls, and mailings can be overwhelming to say the least. I do want my children to know how important voting is and how the electoral system works so we talk a lot about the election. We talk about what the candiates believe and how their beliefs line up or don’t line up with ours. We pray for both candiates because we know being a leader of a great nation is NOT easy but we certaintly root for our favorite!

I thought you might want to share some of these with your children tonight as the returns come in:

Here is a 2012 electoral map that your kids can color as the states are called tonight.

You can keep track of who wins what on this page for election night.

A fun thing to do is have an election party-just grab some simple snacks and enjoy watching the election results as a family. Make some blue and red food (icing, sprinkles,Kool aid,)  For the ones who love politics and are really into them, I know it can be nail biting! I come from a very political loving family and I know it can get intense.  Having fun food and laughter can help lighten it up.

My sweet friend Candace has a wonderful election pinterest board, there are so many great ideas to do with your children here, check it out!

It may be too late for this one but I don’t think so-you can get a poster showing how a president is elected and/or an electoral map!

Do you have an ipad, fox news has a great app where you can predict the electoral map for yourself.  See how close you get!

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