Family Night

I LOVE to have themed family nights! Most Saturdays are family days anyway-daytrips, family outings, house projects we work on together, and other things we do as a family. However at least once a month, sometimes twice on a Friday night we have an official family night. I’m going to write a list soon of winter family nights and post it, hopefully it will give you some ideas and please if you have special family nights I would LOVE for you to share so I can add to my list. Last night we made carmel apples and watched It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown and let the kids stay up late with us. We had a great fall evening together. If you look at my categories I have a family night you can check out. I’m hoping to share much more on them in the future. I love our family spending quality time together!

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  1. mom says

    I'm sure this is something your kids really look forward to, Angela, as it sounds like fun! 🙂

    Tammy ~@~

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