Family Night!

On most Saturdays we do something as a family, sometimes work together(like house projects), sometimes fun-like yesterday when we went to the Dayton Air Force Museum where we had a great time as a family. 

However every third Friday we do something special for family night.  Sometimes we go somewhere, sometimes we stay at home and have a fun movie night and sometimes it is just a quick trip to the park.   The kids get so excited about these nights, they think about them all day.  This past week we had game night (board games that is) but we have done Wii night as well.  We played a game of Mexican train dominos and Jr. Apples to Apples.  You should have heard the giggles when Allie puts Bert and Ernie down for the word Ugly!  I happen to think they are adorable, LOL

If you do not have a family night in your home I can’t recommend it ENOUGH!  And if you can get dad involved even better, we always have such a great time together.  Quality times with your kids is one of the greatest things you can give them, they won’t remember the “stuff” you buy them but they will remember the memories you make on Family Night!

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