Family Night!

I talked recently about 10 great summer family nights you can do with your family that is cheap or free. Thought I would share another one we did this last weekend. We stopped and bought some fried chicken for a family picnic under one of our trees. Then we just watched the kids swing, play in the sandbox, and just watched them have fun. They loved that we were there to swing them higher, play frisbee,  and really JUST being there with them.  NO cellphones no internet, no work-Just good old family time and the only thing that cost us money was the bucket of chicken.  I couldn’t believe it, the kids said afterwards it was one of the best family nights.

It just proves the point that kids don’t have to have lots of money spent on them, they just want quality time with mom and dad!    We had a great time too, the weather was perfect!

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    How true. The simple things in life are so much more fun. No nintendo, no PSP and no iPad or iPhone. Children need to get out and play in the dirt, build tree houses and enjoy nature more. I am sure I read somewhere where they need to play in the dirt to boost their immune systems.
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    At this time, remembering the simple truths, like this one here is what will keep us going. I’m going to go take a look at your other post. We have 5 people in our family now and family nights are something that has, sadly, fallen by the wayside. I’m going to implement some of you ideas so we can get it started again!

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    We love game time at our house. Sometimes we just play a game we call “I see a color”. One person picks out an object and states the color. Everyone then has to look around the room to find the object. Simple, but fun! I always look for the smallest, most obscure object – drives the grandkids nuts! LOL Eydie 🙂
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