Family Night Fun


Many years ago we decided we wanted to do a family night at LEAST once a month.  You can certainly go for more but we wanted to set a realistic goal that we knew we wouldn’t fail at.  In order to make sure it happens we get the calendar out at the beginning of each month and schedule a Friday Night just for the family!

This is undivided times being intentional with our kids, it has been a very rewarding thing and we all truly look forward to this time together!  This doesn’t have to be a pinterest worthy moment, if you are creative and want to make some really special that is great but you can stay very simple and still create very wonderful memories with your children!  Sometimes if you make it too difficult it just won’t happen and then it disappoints everyone!

Some of our favorites are :

Board Game Nights

Movie nights, usually we have an intermission and make homemade shakes or something fun

Video, movie, cinema vintage concept. Retro camera, reels and cl

Holiday events such as driving around looking at lights at Christmas with a thermos of hot chocolate!

Drive in Movie (great for summer time)

Local car shows (many are free)

Cooking a fun recipe together!

Daughter Helping Father To Cook Meal In Kitchen

Craft night or building night (think of LEGO’s or Lincoln Logs)

A nature walk at a local park

The most wonderful thing about these moments is that it creates a great atmosphere for talking and sharing with one another.  You want to have a relationship with your children.  This is the time where you create moments to laugh together, talk, and sometimes even some of their troubles will come out at this time which will create an opportunity for you to offer your wisdom.  We can be very busy in our schedules and we can have our kids loaded up with activities and even take lots of day trips or vacations but those times rarely make a way for you to truly connect with your children’s hearts.  The place where they share their dreams and struggles, I believe intentional family nights can help do this!

Family Night Fun can be the best kind of fun, now go make some memories!!

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