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The Theme for this week bloghop:

Time to share some more family fun, with your favorite games. Cherised oldies that have been played over and over again or even some new finds, it really doesn’t matter, as long as your family loves them.

I love board games, we used to play these all the time but things have been so busy we are not doing it as much, this hop is a great reminder we need to do get back to good old game playing. These three are the ones we have played the most in recent months.

The good old fashion game of Go Fish, my 6 yr old daughter can kick our butts in this game, she LOVES it and would play it all day long if she could nab an opponent.

Mexican Train Dominoes. I wrote an entry on it before with directions and everything HERE.

Apples to Apples Jr-this is great fun but sometimes we are NOT happy with the judges pick, however it teaches us things don’t always go the way you expect.

What board games are your favorites? Hop over to Kylie to get more ideas and sign up.

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  1. Kylie says

    Mexican Train dominoes sounds diferent, will have to check that out. 🙂

    Also the blog hop links are not showing up in your post?

  2. kewkew says

    I picked up a Jonah Go Fish at the thrift shop recently, we haven't really used it yet though, my girls are 3, 2 and 3 months old.
    You've got me all curious about the Mexican train dominoes. I will be following your blog (as soon as I get on Internet Explorer as my Google Chrome won't work right to follow)

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