Well I don’t have a whole lot to say about fitness here in our homeschool because it is an area we need work. We do like our Wii fit and treadmill and of course my kids love to ride their bikes or use their scooter but I would love to see more exercise amoung us all. We have done a couple of PE classes in a coop we were in. A couple of years back I saw a homeschooler talking about what a nice kit you can get from Subway for fitness, it goes to any teacher or homeschool mom that signs up. I signed up today, thought I would share that with you!
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  1. Jennifer says

    Thank you for sharing about the Subway kit. My girls are pretty active, but I still feel like there's room for improvement.

    Thanks for sharing—and for being honest!


  2. says

    I too need to thank you about the subway tip. I have four grandsons and we have been busy in our local park. The boys have walked, run, climbed, jumped and stretched but best of all they have discovered. They had no idea they were doing P.E.

  3. Lora says

    This is also an area that we need improvement in. Thanks for sharing the Subway link, I signed up!

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