From Summer to School Time!

Generally speaking homeschooling moms love the new school year.  They have planned, bought new school supplies for the kids, and have prepped their school rooms or area of the house for the exciting new school year.  However, your children may not be as excited.  They have just had a fun summer of swimming, camping, vacations, later bedtimes, or just good old fashioned outside playing.    The last thing most of our kids want to do is start school and often even the ones who are excited, the excitement wears off in a hurry when they realize the new schedule and school work is here to stay.

What can we do to help our children adapt to their new schedule and transition from summer to school time?  Here are some tips that have helped my family.

Join me at TheBetterMom today to read my tips!

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  1. Quenie says

    I would love to grab one of your books! I been having a hard time to get the attention of my child. It is, summer does indeed conflict with study. Vacation lag. That’s what I would call. So I guess you make the environment a sort of vacation like area to hype up our child’s imagination as if he is still on vacation which obviously just in the vicinity of our home.
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