Geo Challenge-Flags, Maps and Geography Learning Game for Kids {App Review}

I love to review educational apps to go along with my homeschooling!  So when I was offered  Geo Challenge–Flags, Maps and Geography Learning Game for Kids I was very excited!  Geography is so important in our children’s education.  It teaches them so much about the world they live in by helping them realize there is a HUGE world out there and there is more to it then their little bubble where they live  There are beautiful places with beautiful people and different cultures and traditions.  Geography is a great way to bring in all of these teachings!

Features of the app are:
• Spinning Globe: spin, zoom and explore the world with your fingertips by touching flags to learn more about each country
• Map Puzzle: match the country to a place on the map
• Map & Flag Quizzes: challenge your country knowledge by selecting the right answer from three choices
• Flag Flashcards: memorize the national flags around the world with this study tool
• Passport: Take your picture and create your passport. Get stamps to record your progress.
• Suitcase: Discover and collect stickers of your travels all around the world.
• Bilingual: Play in English or Japanese”

I love how the kids get their own passports and they fill with stamps as they do certain activities and accomplish achievements in the game You can play puzzles with countries, do flag quizzes  and memorize  with flag flashcards.  The app is colorful and vibrant and 193 countries are included. This would be the perfect geography app for any curriculum that you use for geography.  It would only enhance the study more.  I think your kids will really enjoy playing it too, it really is fun!  I love when we can make education something they enjoy!  The best part:  This app was created by MOMS, so now you know

You can check out the video to learn more!

It costs $2.99 on iTunes (or there is a free trial version as well).

This is a sponsored post.  All opinions are 100 percent mine!

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