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Many people equate summer sports with hot dogs at the baseball stadium and water activities at the cottage. They are very right. Both of these are treasure summer traditions. However, for many summer does not start until they hear hooves hit the floor with the arrival of the Kentucky Derby. The Derby is a great summer tradition that has been a huge part of summer since 1875. The Kentucky Derby is the first race that a horse and their jockey have to win towards their goal of winning the coveted Triple Crown (which is winning three major horse races). This is very difficult to do, and only 11 horses have won the crown, and none since 1978.

The excitement of the Kentucky Derby is contagious, and everyone can get really excited about it.  Friends may often bid on Kentucky Derby, and often there can be a little friendly competition between family members and friends as they argue the merits of their horse and cheer it on as it races towards the finish line. Many people choose to root for the underdog; it seems to be the thing that Hollywood movies are made of. Other people root for a horse with a unique name. With so many different horse names represented at the Derby it may be a lot of fun to choose.

For some people it is not about the horse race but about the fashion, if you check out the Derby website, you will notice that many people dress up for the event. The ladies have some of the few opportunities to wear fantastic large hats to the event. So whether you people watch or cheer on your favorite horse, the Kentucky Derby is a great event to get excited about. Win or lose it is just fun to partake in all the excitement that is involved.

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