Getting Rid of Clutter this Spring

recycle old dvds and games

Right now at this moment I am living in way too much clutter!  I can’t stand it, it is depriving me of thinking straight.  I always feel so much better in a  decluttered space, clutter robs me of being efficient and steals my creativity.  I know some say they are more creative in messes but this is not me!  One of my spring goals is to go room to room and start my give away, sell, and throw away baskets.  I want to take everything off the shelves, floor and table tops and just get RID of stuff.

Spring time just feels like a natural time to clean and get rid of clutter.  It is great to get it done before summer hits and you want to be outside with your kids at the pool, at their games, vacations or park time.  Sometimes it can be really overwhelming especially if you have accumulated a lot of things but it is so worth it in the end.  Take your timer out and just set it for a set amount of time (amazing what 15 minutes does) and get working!

CD’s and DVD’s are a big part of this!  We have so many, some are not even in their original cases anymore.  It is crazy!  I was so excited to hear about that will PAY you for old DVD’s, CD’s and games!  You enter the barcode from your item on their website and they give you an instant cash value for the item.  You request a FREE shipping label so you can send them your items and then they send you money,  Now that is a win win,  earn some extra money to put toward debt or that summer vacation and get rid of clutter at the same time!   I am always looking for ways to earn money while being home with my kids and I just love this idea of making money with things I need to get rid of anyway.

I can’t wait to see my rooms once I get the clutter out and get my house back in order, I know it is going to make me feel more peaceful and more organized.

This is a sponsored post and all opinions are 100 percent mine!

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