Getting Through the Cold Season with Scotties {Giveaway}

scottie emblem Just because it is spring doesn’t mean you are out of cold and flu season, for a matter of fact this time seems worse for some people!  Two of my children just had bad colds and the weather has been great here!


I love Scotties Tissues and their  3-ply tissue that offers an added layer of softness. They are also strong  so you can rely on SCOTTIES to stand tough against even the hardest blows. They also don’t skimp on the tissues, they give more than the other brands and that is a good thing!  I like lots of tissues in my box, especially when I’m feeling pretty awful with a cold!

You can also love that Scotties products are always environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic and free of toxins and dyes.

Scotties1 You can check out  to get some great tips on preventing colds and how to make it through one!   There are two great videos from Dr. Zinner to educate you more about the cold and the flu!

Giveaway:  I have a Cough & Cold Care Pack including a $25 gift card to Target to giveaway to one reader!  Open to US residents only.  To enter join the widget below:

I received a Scotties Tissue gift package to review.  All opinions are 100 percent mine!

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  1. amanda rauch says

    No. Luckily I do not get spring colds, but I do get spring allergies-which may be worse 🙂

  2. Anca says

    This spring I have a cold 2 times all ready :)… is bad , I don’t want it any more :(((((

  3. says

    I very seldom get a cold at any time of the year. When I was younger I did but I haven’t for years. Maybe because for the last 10 years that I worked I worked from home and now I am retired…less contact with people means less germs…
    Sandy Klocinski recently posted..Decreased Carbohydrate Intake

  4. Cathy French says

    No, I don’t buy my boyfriend usually does. I try my best to stay away from sick people and I use lysol on everything when he’s sick.

  5. James Robert says

    My kids do more than what I do, Think it doesn’t help with them in school and all kids passing it around

  6. Rebecca Parsons says

    I actually have a spring cold now courtesy of children passing it on! I get one almost every spring.

  7. Jodi Kershuk says

    No, I don’t. My husband and kids do though. Right now, my littlest one is sleeping beside me, she’s got a cold.

  8. Margaret Smith says

    Yes, especially when the weather changes from cold to warmer. Also, my kids seem to bring colds home from school.

  9. Tammy Horn says

    I sometimes get spring colds. Honestly, I have never paid much attention to when I get a cold. But I manage atleast 2 colds a year.

  10. Suzanne R (SuzySweeps) says

    I tend to get Spring colds somehow I think, due to allergies, I do go through A LOT of tissues!

  11. Geoff K says

    I usually get a pretty bad cold when the weather finally breaks, but then I’m good to go through the summer.

  12. Jennifer Rogers says

    well I suppose so, I think it is really allergies caused by tons of pollen, but miserable anyway!

  13. PuffyBiggler says

    I get colds in the Spring and all year long. Or is it allergies? Who knows. Thanks for the giveaway!

  14. trisha kilpatrick says

    We don’t get spring colds very often. Spring allergies are another ball of wax entirely.

  15. Kristen says

    No I don’t….but one of my family members has one right now, so I’m hoping I don’t catch it. *leaves to wash hands yet again*

  16. Ashley C says

    I might get a little spring cold. I seem to usually get sick once in the winter and once in summer

  17. Dawn Monroe says

    We deal with a lot of allergies in the spring but its worth it. Im over winter!

  18. Sarah Hall says

    I get more spring colds than I do winter colds but I haven’t had one for a couple of years.

  19. Cindy Gray says

    I usually get sick in the spring. Sinus infection, lung congestion; I’m assuming its allergies, even though my allergist said I’m not allergic to anything… I go through a ton of tissues spring and fall.

  20. Jennifer W says

    Tree pollen gets my allergies going in the Spring so it’s the perfect situation for a bug to take hold and get me sick!

  21. Paula Hafner says

    I don’t get spring colds very often but I do get problems with my allergies in the Spring.

  22. ReggieMann says

    Yes especially since I moved to North Texas 2 years ago and the air is blowing directly on me at work 🙁

  23. Carolyn Daley says

    I do not catch colds very often. I suffer from allergies year round, especially in the Spring time which is why I would love to win the Scotties prize pack. With everything in bloom right now, I sneeze frequently.

  24. Melissa Nagy says

    I don’t often get spring colds but my daughter is suffering from one even now.

  25. Lisa L says

    I usually get one every year but it just ran through at work and I somehow managed to avoid it.

  26. Angela Cisco says

    Yea, I get colds whenever the weather cannot make up its mind. Especially end of winter early spring.

  27. Theresa D says

    I usually get at least one cold when the weather changes from really cold to more Spring like,

  28. Ashley C says

    I’m honestly pretty lucky and rarely get sick. However, I’m /never/ around kids and the people that I’m around are really good about washing their hands, not sneezing or coughing on people and such. But, allergies are a big issue in my home.

  29. Brian E. says

    Thank You for the giveaway… I always seem to get a cold when the seasons change; in spring it is usually a cold mixed with the start of a new allergy season.

  30. clynsg says

    I am more likely to have an increase in congestion, etc., because of pollen counts going up,but sometimes that is hard to differentiate from a cold!

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