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At Reviewers Retreat 2012 we received a wonderful goody bag full of surprises.  I was really excited to see I had a Tide Pod sample in there because I have really been wanting to see how they work.  I was thrilled to be contacted by the brand to do a review and giveaway recently so I could share with you my experience with them.  First of all I loved the container.  I know, I’m a total container nerd, if it looks eye catching I’m sold.  I know I’m not alone out there.  Tide did a wonderful thing by making the container see through and each pod looks colorful and pretty in the container.  It has a nice pop up lid where you can easily take out the pod and hold it in your hand.


Guess what?  You can smell that beautiful aroma of Tide all over the pod.  It is wonderful.  It has 3 sections to it, a detergent, a stain fighter and a brightener all in ONE pod.  I don’t know about you but I’m doing more laundry then ever with summer here.  My kids are outside a LOT!  Grass stains, ice cream , dirt and mud and more are all part of summer for this mom of three.  So to be able to put a full load of wash in and just throw a pod in with no dripping or measuring.  It is wonderful!

Have you been curious how these things work?  I know I was before receiving them.  All you do is add one pod to the drum of your washer and then add your clothes. Run your washer and that is IT!  You don’t break the pack open, it does everything it needs to do on its own.  Your clothes come out smelling great and ready to wear.  I found the Tide Pod worked great in getting my clothes clean and I was so happy with the process because anything that makes laundry easier for me is a total WIN!

Giveaway:  I’m so excited to be giving a container full of Tide Pods away here at Angela’s Analysis.  This is open to US residents and you can enter by the Rafflecopter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Mary Beth Elderton says

    The folding and putting away! I’m okay with stuffing them in the washer. I’m evenokay with changing them to the dryer. But putting them away…not so much!

  2. lisa lo says

    Walking to the laundrymat with a cartload of dirty clothes in the Texas sauna heat, standing around waiting for it to be done, walking back home with it in the Texas sauna heat and then finally stepping inside to the AC and laying down to recuperate… then putting the clothes and towels
    away til next time…TRUE No one can top my life!! Now go wash your clothes in the machine in your laundry room…I wish.

  3. KIM CRAWFORD says



  4. Julie Cutshaw says

    Putting the finished laundry away, seems like to have to go to a thousand places to do so, every room every drawer, just to do it all over again twice a week

  5. Nadine L says

    Folding it. I don’t know why but I hate folding clothes, sheets and towels, no problem, clothes, UGH!

  6. Renee G says

    My least favorite part about doing laundry is putting it away after it’s clean.

  7. elven johnson says

    Now that my dryer is no longer heating I hate hanging my clothes out to dry.

  8. says

    My least favorite part about it is carrying it up and down our stairs. I don’t mind folding or putting it away.

  9. brandy says

    my least favorite thing about doing the laundry is having to sort out whites from colors.

  10. Susan Ladd says

    Getting it done. I want to thank you for this awesome sweep and hope to win 🙂 Thanks !!!!

  11. stony says

    dragging the full basket down 2 flights of stairs to the laundry room in our building

  12. dani marie says

    i just hate separating colors and darks and lugging it to our apt laundry room.

  13. Sandra V. says

    My least favorite thing is probably folding all the clothes and putting them away after doing laundry.

  14. Lucy Schwartz says

    I try to buy clothes that do not need ironing , because i hate to iron. Alas table linens need that extra touch and sometimes it takes me weeks to get out the iron.

  15. Erin E says

    I don’t like putting bleach in the machine because I end up getting it all over the place. Thank you for the lovely giveaway!
    Erin E
    busymom369 at gmail dot com

  16. Jennifer Reed says

    I do not enjoy putting the clothes away after they are washed and folded.
    repose4jr at gmail dot com

  17. k anne says

    My least favorite thing about laundry is having to go through every piece of clothing to search for stains and spray them with Shout or Spray & wash.

  18. Coriander Warren says

    I hate seperating my colors from lights or however you do that (so I don’t!)….

  19. Jesselyn A/Jesstinger says

    Somehow doing laundry – in particular the shaking out the wrinkles, hanging neatly and or folding the clothing and linens always gives me a sense of ACCOMPLISHMENT and order out of chaos.

    (Added bonus in Summer: Since we do NOT have central A/C – on hot days it is quite a bit cooler down in the basement – so THAT is nice.)

  20. Chelsea A says

    Carrying everything down to the laundromat! It’s hard balancing the basket of clothes and the detergent and everything else … I bet carrying a pod or two with me would be way easier, ha. 🙂

  21. Samantha says

    I hate sorting the clothes I dry and hang from the washer! I always miss something!

  22. Laurie Emerson says

    I don’t mind the washing and folding but the worst part is having to put them all away in different rooms.

  23. Cynthia W says

    My least favorite thing about doing laundry is folding the cleaning clothes and putting them away.

  24. Gaines Simmons says

    Hello, how are you? Thank you for this opportunity. I hate Doing socks because the elastic loosens or one pair disappears.

  25. kay says

    Using the dryer heats up the house so bad in the summer time. I also dont enjoy touching all that dirty stinky laundry.

  26. Gianna says

    There’s so much of it and i’m the only one who does it.. several loads daily.


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