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Most of my readers know that I’m a homeschooler.  My three children are all school age and  my middle son has dyslexia.  When we first starting schooling him I wasn’t sure what was wrong, but I knew something was!

Why was this child having such a difficult time with learning?

Reading was slow and painful and even counting was so hard.  It took me a whole year to get my son counting to 20, most preschoolers do this with ease and he was already school age.  I didn’t understand because my oldest son was reading on a 3rd grade reading level by 1st grade and my youngest child was already learning much more then her older brother.  I knew he had gifts, I saw them in him but couldn’t figure out why he couldn’t learn in the typical way.

Once I figured out he had dyslexia things began to improve, I was able to pick up learning materials that would help him.  It is still not easy and he still has challenges that my other children don’t have.  That is why I was so excited when Learning Link Technologies contacted me to do a review for them.  I am going to work through their program and give updates on the blog.

This is what the program is about:  You can find out more on their website.

Lisa Harp has developed a very easy to do at-home system which enhances the building blocks of learning.
The system is most often used by school age children but can actually be used (in part) as young as 3.
The exercises are very simple and kids find them fun.

Although this system was designed to help those with learning problems we actually recommend it for all kids.
Doing the program with a child who does not exhibit problems will only enhance learning ability
and if there are weak spots they’ll show up and be fixed.

Check out how learning is different for different people.  Do you wonder if your child has dyslexia?  This is a test to give you an idea where your child is at.

We will be doing exercises together (most with pen and paper) and most with household items around the house to improve his thinking skills.  The program recommends 3 hrs a week with the child struggling which is very easy to fit in a homeschool work schedule, I will be adding our exercises to our workboxes.

Learning Link Technologies is allowing me to give this program away to one of my readers.  Just leave a comment for your chance to win.  Giveway ends Sunday November 20th at midnight eastern time. This is a 600.00 Value, so it is a GREAT giveaway that could help your child (you do NOT have to be a homeschooler, this is something that can help your child who struggles with traditional school, a great activity to supplement with at home)This is a computer download program that you will be able to download and use right away.

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Learning Link Technologies sent me this program free to review.  All opinions are 100 percent mine.

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  1. says

    I would love to have this insight of a couple of challenging children that I have…one is school age and one is not…but would be so excited to have input that I am lacking in.

  2. says

    I would LOVE the opportunity to use this with my oldest son, who has some learning differences. It might even help me with my own learning difficulties

  3. Angela says

    Sorry about that Cristi, sometimes my spam catches comments it shouldn’t but it always gives me a chance to approve or deny them so I approved all of yours. I always check it everyday in case that happens. Good luck to you, thanks for visiting!

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