Giveaway: PediaCare Acetaminophen Infant & Childrens Liquid

Acetaminophen is one of the most commonly used pain and fever relievers for infants and children and is safe and effective when used as directed. Now, dosing has been made even easier for parents and safer for children as the new PediaCare single-concentration acetaminophen products hit store shelves. But what does this mean for parents?

PediaCare® now offer additional product enhancements, including age-appropriate dosing devices. Infant products will now contain a special dosing syringe and flow restrictors on the bottles; children’s products, for ages 2 to 11 years, will have the bottles with flow restrictors, and continue to contain dosing cups. Both infant and children’s formulations will continue to have weight-based instructions on the package, as well.

While the new single-concentration for PediaCare infants’ and children’s acetaminophen products are among the first to hit store shelves, parents should know that there will be a “transition period” during which the existing infant products and the new acetaminophen infant PediaCare® products may be on store shelves simultaneously. The new infants’ formula is less concentrated and the dose is therefore more than in the older infant formulation. And while reading and following package directions is always recommended to obtain accurate dosing instructions, it will be important, while the two concentrations are available, to select the dose that is proper for the specific product version that is being given. Parents and caregivers should ask a healthcare professional if they have any questions.

PediaCare Infants Fever Reducer/Pain Reliever:

  • For ages 0-36 months
  • New special dosing syringe and flow restrictor bottles
  • Dye free Cherry
  • New bubble gum flavor as well as cherry and grape
  • Weight and age-based dosing instructions on package
  • Suggested retail price for a 2-ounce liquid bottle is $6.99.

PediaCare Children’s Fever Reducer/Pain Reliever

  • For ages 2 -11
  • Flow restrictor bottle and dosing cup
  • Dye free Cherry
  • Cherry or grape flavors
  • Weight and age-based dosing instructions on package
  • Suggested retail price for a 4-ounce liquid bottle is $7.59.

We received both of these products to try out for ourselves.  I don’t have a baby anymore and my kids are all getting older so they don’t get sick much.  However recently my daughter came down with 103 fever so we were able to try it.  I loved the cherry smell and I thought the taste was good.  The fever came down within 30 minutes and I loved the new way the liquid comes out of the bottle to help in not giving to much.  The video below talks about that.

Save $1.00 off your next PediaCare purchase. While supplies last.

I have a bottle of Pediacare Acetaminophen Infant and Childrens Liquid to give away.

Thanks to Family Review Network and PediaCare for giving me the product free for review and for giveaway.  All opinions are 100 percent mine.

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  1. Denise B. says

    There’s nothing worse than a sick child in the middle of the night and nothing home to give to them.

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